Organic Hawthorn Fruit Powder

Latin name: Crataesus pinnatifida

Appearance: brownish red
We are a professional hawthorn berry factory, hawthorn Fruit taste sour and sweet, we can eat it directly. Our product is extracted from pure natural hawthorn tree. So they are guaranteed 100% organic.
Hawthorn fruit can help people promote digestion.
Hawthorn also has strong antibacterial effect.
Our product is Kosher certified hawthorn blood beneficial hawthorn extract.
Besides, we can provide GMP certified hawthorn fruit powder, welcome any inquiry.

1.Hawthorn can prevent cardiovascular diseases, dilate blood vessels, enhance hearat energy, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.
2.It can protect the heart and bring much benefits to senile heart disease.
3.It is widely applied in medicine or food to promote digestion.
4.It can activate blood circulation and dissipate stasis, and can help to treat traumatic injury.
5.Its’ rich flavone, vitamin C and carotene can enhance immunity, and has the function of anti-aging and anti-cancer.


至: Xi an Victar Bio-Tech Corp.
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