Pulse Type Jigging Machine

Pulse type jigging machine is a main gravity concentrator of minerals. The working principle is as follows: the raw ore of gold and diamond is fed to the grid layer continuously, and then the up-going water will be jetted into the raw ore with the periodical instigation of the rubber plate, so the raw ore will be loosened. Then water goes down(or stop rising). In this process, the heavy minerals(concentrates) go to the lower level, and the light minerals(tailing) go up and then discharged separately.

This type of jig could almost process all sizes of particles except tiny materials. The operation is easy and capacity is big, and terminal minerals concentration could be completed in one time of concentration process, so it is widely used in production and a main method to treat metal ore, coarse/middle size/fine size gold ore, titanium, zirconium and chromium.

The more difference between the wanted minerals and sand, the wider range of the feeding particles is. All the raw ore whose particles are under 25mm could be separated directly without classifying. The minimum feeding particle size could be 0.05mm. This jig machine could also be used together with pulsating sluice box and centrifugal concentrator for gold mining work.


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