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Established on December 28, 1972, Yang Ming Marine Transport Cooperation possessed 85 operation ships by the end of May 2011, with the carrying capacity as high as 4.23 million tons/340,000TEUS. The fleet includes container ship and operates coal conveying ship on behalf of Teclast. Since the establishment of Yang Ming Marine Transport Cooperation, all the staffs around the world innovate continuously by abiding by the operation idea of “teamwork, innovation, honesty and practical”, and coordinate with each other to overcome difficulties to take “accurate, fast, stable and cost-saving” principle to provide atisfactory service. It has become the advanced marine transportation company in the world and one of the most youngest companies around the world in terms of average vessel age.
Yang Ming Marine Transport Cooperation obtained national quality excellence case award in August 1996 and passed ISM CODE, ISPS CODE, ISO 9001 international quality certificate, ISO14001 international environmental protection certificate, OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and hygiene certificate, TOSHMS2007 and ISO27001 International safety management system certificate.
It expands the service scope, spares no efforts to strengthen customer service and improves the operation performance actively, by joint operation and cooperation with K-Line from Japan, COSCO from China, Hanjin from South Korea and other famous ship companies. It will provide the customers “accurate, fast, stable and cost-saving” service by abiding by the modern, systematic and effective management idea.
The voyage lines acted by CST are as follows:
Taiwan line: there are three ships directly travelling to KEELUNG-KAOSIUNG-TAICHUNG directly on a weekly basis;
Southeast Asia: western port of PORT KELAND, SK, one closing date and three opening dates, direct voyage for four days, favorable price, stable sailing date, bill of lading can be reached by sailing, being highly effective and fast.
INCHON: SK has voyages on Friday and Saturday and it is the unique ship owner(carrier) which directly come to the big ship without running through Hong Kong. The effectiveness is fast and it can reach at the destination in five days with dense sailing date.


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