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We're a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.
We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.
They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.
We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.
We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.

We have Allen Bradley module: 1756 series, 1771 series, 1785 series, 1746 series, 1747 series!

MVME172-253 68060 CPU, 64Mhz, 16MB
MVME172-263 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 16MB
MVME177-002 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 8MB
MVME177-003 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 16MB
MVME177-004 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 32MB
MVME177-005 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 64MB
MVME177-006 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 128MB
MVME177-012 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 8MB
MVME177-013 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 16MB
MVME177-014 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 32MB
MVME177-015 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 64MB
MVME177-016 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 128MB
MVME177P-54SE 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 16MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-55SE 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 32MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-56SE 68060 CPU, 50Mhz, 128KB, 64MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-64SE 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 16MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-65SE 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 32MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-66SE 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 64MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME177P-67SE 68060 CPU, 60Mhz, 128KB, 128MB, SCSI, Ethernet
MVME165 68040 CPU, 25Mhz, 4MB memory, VSB, 2 serial ports
MVME167 Various options and configs, see below..
MVME167-04A 68040U CPU, 25Mhz, 32MB
MVME167-031A 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, FPU, Ethernet, SCSI, DMA
MVME167-032B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 8MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-033A 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 16MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-033B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 16MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-034A 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 32MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-34B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz,8KB, MMU, FPU, 32MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-034B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz,8KB, MMU, FPU, 32MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-035B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz,8KB, MMU, FPU, 64MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-036B 68040 CPU, 33Mhz,8KB, MMU, FPU, 128MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167P-036SE 68040 CPU, 33Mhz,8KB, MMU, FPU, 64MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167P-35SE 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 32MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167P-34SE 68040 CPU, 33Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 16MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167-04 68040 CPU, 25 MHz, 32MB
MVME167A 68040 CPU, 25MHz, 8MB
MVME167C 68040 CPU, 25Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 4,8,16,or 32MB
MVME167P-24SE 68040 CPU, 25Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 16MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME167P-35SE 68040 CPU, 25Mhz, 8KB, MMU, FPU, 32MB, ENET, SCSI
MVME110-1 68000 8 MHZ, 1 CHANNEL, SERIAL, RS232C
MVME133 68020 CPU, 12.5Mhz, 1MB memory, 3 Serial ports
MVME133-1 68020 CPU, 16.67Mhz, 1MB memory, 3 Serial ports
MVME133A-20 68020 CPU, 20Mhz, 1MB memory, 3 Serial ports
MVME133SA 68020 CPU, 20Mhz, 1MB memory, 3 Serial ports
MVME141-1 68030 CPU, 25Mhz, VSB A32/D32, 2 SIO
Wenglor Lasertaster YP11VAH3ANZ Reflextaster Kontrasterkennung #8319

Siemens 6ES7407-0DA02-0AA0 Stromversorgung S7-400 #8544

Melles Griot Invaritar 59LGC575 Kamera Objektiv C-Mount

2 Stück Phoenix Contact 2964283 Optokoppler 100kHz #7286

RSF Elektronik MSA6701 ML 170mm L?ngenmesssystem #8246

Westfalia Hydraulikaggregat Hydraulikpumpe mit ATB Motor

AEG Hitex PB386 A2 Karte PB386-A2-264 #8213

Elau Servomotor SH070/60010 PacDrive M System SH-070 6000 U/min. #7829

Hilscher Hitex NXSB100 Board für netX NXSB 100 mit Netzteil #V5420

6 Stück Lütze Variocompact Modul #8721

Rasmi 3 Phase RFI Filter 3G3FV-PFI-4025-E Neu OVP

Hydraulikmotor Hydraulikpumpe Zahnradpumpe Pumpe #D10521

ELAU PacDrive MC-4/11/03/400 Servosteuerung 13130245 #7398

labom Pascal Ci Druckmessumformer CI1010 Transmitter 0...16bar

Phoenix Contact Interbus IB ST 24 DI32/2 2754927 #8328

Siemens 6ES5498-1AA51 Measuring Range Module

Philips FCM 204 Karte FCM204 Card Version 1.0

Rigaku Aufsatz mit Sanyo Denki Motor CN-190T-30K2 + Sumtak Encoder #7718

Banner Engineering Photoelectric Sensor SM312CV2QD #D10319

Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN #D8893

Steuerung Assy Ebox2 Applied Biosystems Motion Controller 4390870 #7526

Wipotec IPC SWA2-133 Industrie PC Computer #5644

Siemens ET 200B-8DI/8DO 6ES7133-0BH00-0XB0 Anschlu?block #V8404

Phoenix Contact FL Hub 10Base-T Modular Ethernet Hub

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 431-7QH00-0AB0 Analogausgabe

Pepperl & Fuchs OBS3000-18GM70-E5-V1 Reflexions-Lichtschranke

Lumiflex ELS-8/110/30P und ELE-8/110/30P Lichtschranken

Lumiflex ELE-8/110/30P ELS-8/110/30P Lichtschranken

Siemens 6ES7 232-0HB20-0XA0 6ES72320HB200XA0 EM232

2 Stück Soclair RTM81-C Messumformer für Pt-100 Widerst?nde

FESTO Wartungseinheit mit 541258, 529154, 3x 173128 #5029

Siemens Simatic 6ES5525-3UA11 mit Eprom 6ES5373-0AA41 32KB #5677

2 x Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Snap Barrier Z728 #2288

Pilz SPS Modul C-P8-EA-Ein-Ausgabe Rg.m.MwSt #1951

Uni-Ger?te 4-EVSA AR0256 Magnetventil Sicherheitsabsperrventil #D5718

Mini PMAC Delta Tau Data Systems Assy 602812-104 #1206

ABB S202-K1 dopelter Leitungsschutzschalter 6kA bei 230/400V AC #7647

Wenglor Farbsensor FP04PCT80 Color Sensor #8322

Berger Lahr Auslegerachse LM-A210KAT5150 Linearmodul #9124

Siemens Micromaster 6SE6400-0AP00-0AA0 Operator Panel #D10379

Lenze L-Force Stirnradgetriebe GST06-2M VBR 090C12 Motor #D10651

National Instruments NI FP-RLY-420 FieldPoint 185151A-01 #8487

Siemens 6ES7400-1JA01-0AA0 Baugruppentr?ger

Pepperl + Fuchs KFD2-UFC-1.D Frequenzumsetzer Impulsauswerteeinheit #7362


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