Western Africa Heavy Alkalized Cocoa Powder

If you are planning to buy western africa heavy alkalized cocoa powder products or raw materials from professional China western africa heavy alkalized cocoa powder suppliers, manufacturers and factories, please feel free to contact Huadong Cocoa, we are a leading western africa heavy alkalized cocoa powder company from China.1.Sensory IndexColor of  Powder:Reddish brown;Color of  Solution:Reddish brown;Taste:Natural cocoa smell, no abnormal flavour; 2.Physical Chemistry Index:Moisture:3.49%Fat Content:10.52%Fineness (passing the 200mesh/sq.in):99.32%PH Value:7.33Ash:9.81%3.Microbe Index:Total Plate Count:1200cfu/g;coliform: <30  MPN/100g;Yeast Count:  <10 cfu/g;Mould Count:40cfu/g;PathogenicBacteria:  Negative;http://www.huadongcocoa.com


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