Mushroom Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning

Product Description



Main Accessories:maltodextrin, chicken essence seasoning, edible salt , white granulated sugar, Starch, bone marrow collagen protein powder, yeast extract, seasoning mixture, flavoring essence

Purpose:Hot pot soup base, soup

Recommended Dishes:

Tofu& Mushrooms Soup

Bamboo Fungus in Mushroom Soup

Old Duck & Mushrooms Soup


Packaging & Shipping

Delivery Detail:   15~30 DAYS AFTER PO CONFIRMED

Loading Ability:   1100CTNS/20'GP


Company Information


Yihai (China) Food Co., Ltd.


Yihai (China) Food Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Haidilao Catering Co., Ltd., is an integrated food corporation to develop, produce and sell Haidilao products. With its core values of convenience, profession, and innovation, the company is a convenient delicacy solution provider for family kitchens-a delicacy palette.


The company currently has three main business sections:


Haidilao Hot Pot Seasoning Series——Consist of Haidilao hot pot seasoning products with various flavors, such as spicy, tomato, fungus soup, salty, seafood, etc.


Hadilao Sauce Series——Consist of spicy and fresh hot pot dipping sauce, as well as series of flavor dish products;


Haidilao Family Seasoning Series——Focus on the compound seasoning of spicy cold pot, spicy mix, and spicy incense pot to provide convenient and fast solutions of delicacies for family kitchens.


The company has a large modern base to produce hot pot seasoning, and its products have passed the certification of HACCP, QS, and ISO international quality management system. According to the GMP standard requirements in the food industry, it formulates strict technological process to ensure the product taste and provide healthy, safe, and nutritious food for customers.





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