pearl powder

pearl powder

Product Name:pearl powder

Properties and uses:

The instant pearl powder ( also known as: water soluble pearl powder, water-soluble pearl powder, soluble pearl powder, pearl powder by enzymolysis ) in Hangjiahu area without pollution of freshwater pearl as raw material, the new biochemical technology refined, the calcium carbonate and protein into active calcium and amino acid, water soluble up to 100%, so that the body can be fully absorbed by, double the effectiveness, nutritional additives in today's world super cosmetics and health food.

Instant pearl powder contains a variety of nutrients and activity of seventeen kinds of amino acids, including a large number of active calcium and magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, strontium, selenium, titanium. It is through participation in human aging Xie, calcium supplement, enhance immunity, played on the skin of the overall adjustment and maintenance, promote new cell generation, and continuously added to the surface of the skin, make the skin smooth, delicate, rosy, elastic, showing human natural beauty.

Quality index:

( standard Q/HZL 6-2005 )

Appearance: white powder

Protein : = 1.2%

Active calcium: ( Ca)≥ 13%

Moisture:≤ 5% ( vacuum drying method )

PH: 4.5-6.5 ( 5% aqueous solution )

The total number of colonies:≤1000 cfu/g

Coliform group:≤ 6MpN/100g

Pathogens: not detected

Lead:≤ 1mg/kg

Hg:≤ 0.2mg/kg

Arsenic:≤ 0.5mg/kg

Purity: 100%

Appearence: White powder

Package: 25KG/drum
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