Abscisic Acid 90% TC

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONITEMSTANDARDAppearanceWhite or pale yellow powderAbscisic Acid , %≥ 90.0Water, %≤ 1.5Function: Antitranspirant, Induces stomatal closure, decreasing transpiration to prevent water loss; Inhibits fruit ripening; Responsible for seed dormancy by inhibiting cell growth; Inhibits seed germination; Inhibits the synthesis of Kinetin nucleotide; Downregulates enzymes needed for photosynthesis; Acts on endodermis to prevent growth of roots when exposed to salty conditions; Delays Cell Division. Similar specifications: Abscisic Acid 98% TC   Package: 25kg drum or customized packages.


至: Shanghai Bosman Industrial Co.,Ltd
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