Imidacloprid 140g/L + Pencycuron 150g/L FS

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONITEMSTANDARDAppearanceRed flowable liquid Imidacloprid, g/L≥ 140.0Pencycuron, g/L≥ 150.0Wet sieve test (through 75μm sieve), %≥ 98.0pH6.0~8.0Use: Systemic insecticide and protective fungicide with contact and stomach action and used for seed dressing to control of sucking insects, including rice-, leaf- and planthoppers, aphids, thrips, whitefly and many diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pellicularia spp. in potatoes, rice , cotton, sugar beet, vegetables, ornamentals and turf. In particular, control of black scurf of potatoes, sheath blight of rice, and damping-off of ornamentals.Similar specifications: Imidacloprid 120g/L + Pencycuron 130g/L FSPackage: 200L drum or customized packages


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