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Mebolazine(Dymethazine) Quick Detail:Product Name:Mebolazine
Alias:Mebolazine;Dymethazine; Diarethyl; Dimetazin; Dimetina; Dostalon; Roxilon; 2-alpha-Dimethyl-5-alpha-androstan-17-beta-ol-3, Mebolazine,Dymethazine
CAS No.:3625-07-8
Molecular Formula:C42H68N2O2
Molecular Weight:633.011
Appearance:White or off White Powder.
Use:Diamethazine is an C17-alkylated, anabolic-androgenic steroid, that exhibits similar effects to Superdrol

Dymethazine(Mebolazine) Description:
Dymethazine Mebolazine is really a variant of the Superdrol molecule with almost the exact same features. It is really just two superdrol molecules paired together and those molecules break apart in the body to form two Superdrol molecules.Mebolazine is very similar in effects to Superdrol, but may be slightly milder on the liver, due to the bonding.

Dymethazine(Mebolazine) Applications:
Dymethazine Mebolazine should have the same harsh effects on cholesterol and blood pressure as Superdrol, since it is a DHT compound that is very dry. Common side effects will be similar like extreme back pumps, the ability to gain 15-18lbs of dry mass in a 3 week period, aggressive moods and acne.

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