LED Grow Light HY-MD-D169-S

LED Grow Light HY-MD-D169-S
Color radiio:117pcs/630nm 52pcs/470nm
Input voltage:AC 90-265v
Working current:600ma Lifespan:50,000hour
Working frequency:50-60hz
Working temperature:-20°-50°
Light area:3sq.m
Packing size:320*370*60mm
Ctn size:360*390*610mm

Advabntages of Our HY-MD-D169-S LED Grow Light:
1. High photosynthetic efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants.(According to our customer feeback)But traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8 to 10% of the photosynthetic
2. The isolated power source will cut the too strong current and protect the chips
3. Zero Maintenance Cost, Hassle-free Warranty. When there is led chip or power source defective, users just need use a screwdriver to disassemble and replace, within 3 minutes to finish the replacement.
4.After continual testing and upgrading, we finally find the best spectrum and color ratio for the plants. Our lights are good for all stages of plant growth , especially for the flowering and fruiting stages(IR LEDs involved to stimulate cell?division and increase the yield.)
5.Reduce the breeding cost, prolong flowering , promote plant early maturity, increase production, improve the quality of melon and fruit To ensure the greenhouse vegetables taste, anti-season cultivation Prevent diseases and insect pests of breeding, reduce the dosage of pesticide, green, pollution-free Nine band:430~440nm, 450~460nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, white, IR , UV 380~400nm,470nm



至: ISO9001, FCC, CE and ROHS
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