Beta cyclodextrin is a group of naturally occurring oligosaccharides, consisting of 7 or 1,4 linked alfa-D-glucopyranosyl units that are produced from tapioca Starch. The unique structure of beta cyclodextrins enables them to form host-guest or inclusion complexes with a variety of materials. Beta cyclodextrin inclusion complexes modify the properties of the guest compound,(e. G. Improved solubility, stability or reduced volatility). They are used for masking taste and odor(good or bad), stabilizing, delivering or solubilizing active ingredients. Our products specific iterm are as forllows: Commodity Name: Beta cyclodextrin CAS:7585-39-9 Specification: CP 2005, USP 25, EP 5.0 Detailed Specification: A: Appearance: White crystalline powder B: PH value:5.0 -8.0 C: Specific rotation:159-164 D: Assay:98% -102% E: Moisure:10% -14% F: Reducing sugars: Max 0.08% G: Heavy metal: Max 10 ppm H: Rezedue ignition: Max 0.08% Aerobic count: Max 100 ceu/g Moulds and yeasts: Max 50 ceu/g Escherichia coli and salmonella: Absent
Optional Information
- Payment : T/T advance or L/C at sitht
- Delivery : shipment within 10days after received banks transfering
- Origin : Shandong,China
- Minimum Order : 200kgs
- Packaging : 20kgs/carton,25kgs/drum
- Inspection : available
- Samples : Charge
- Remarks : If you have any special requests,please negotiate with me


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