Beer Yeast Powder

Beer Yeast Powder Description: Beer yeast powderis yellow or brown powder. It has the typical yeast smell and is the ideal protein raw material with high efficiency. Beer yeast powder is efficient and ecological protein feed in the 21st century. Characteristic: (1). It is a strong and natural taste / scent attractant, which can increase the feed's palatability for the livestock, poultry and aquatic animal. It can increase feed intake and reduce feed coefficient and improve cultivation efficiency. (2). It has rich unidentified growth factors, and the growth effect is obvious. (3). It can increase the bonding properties of the feed. (4). It contains pure yeast protein and carbohydrates, which can reduce the usage of the fish meal and whey powder. (5). It contains typical cell walls which can increase the animal immunity, the disease resistance and anti-stress capability. (6). It has high quality yeast protein, which can promote the cows and sows lactation.Function: It can promote the growing of animals. It contains pure yeast protein and carbohydrate. It can strengthen the immunity of disease for animals.Specification: Items Index Crude Protein46.0% MinCrude Ash3.0% MaxMoisture8.0% MaxFat3.5%Max


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