Light Structure Zeolite Ecological Water Permeable Brick With Resistance Acid And Easy Maintance Features

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Product Name: Light structure Zeolite ecological water permeable brick with resistance acid and easy maintained featuresProduct Features:Zeolite ecological water permeable brick completely solve the ordinary water permeable brick permeability,Website:, freezing and thawing, flexural compressive strength problem. And it includes features in terms of light structure, no deformation, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, strong acid and alkaline resistance, long service life, geographical and climate adaptability wide characteristics, as well as ordinary water permeable brick cannot contain the special function.●The groundwater recharge: permeable rate of 8.61mm/s, more than 80% natural rainfall infiltration underground as groundwater.●Reduce the 'urban heat island effect’: the uniform brick absorption of moisture evaporation, temperature and humidity balance surface.●Reduce noise pollution: adsorption city traffic noise, noise of life, industrial noise, construction noise.●Reduce urban dust and inhibit bacteria: effectively inhibit and kill bacteria, adsorption of urban dust, reduce road dust, purify the air.●High bearing capability, good wear resistance, safety strong: it can bear 30 MPa pressure (35 tons rolling cars), surface hardness 8, friction coefficient of 207, good wear resistance, effectively prevent the pedestrians to slip.●For create a beautiful and elegant urban landscape: 60 a variety of colors and a variety of shapes can be arbitrary combination, collocation, build the city of elegant landscape.●The energy saving and environmental protection, production and use of low cost manufacturing process without calcination, innocuity, no pollution. Compared with asphalt, cement and other ground, production and use of low cost, average cost savings of materials and construction costs 30-50%, the average reduction of energy consumption 70-90%.


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