Horizontal Mortar Blender For Sale



Horizontal Mortar Blender
1.Competitive price
2.High output
4.Good service


Introduction Of Horizontal Mortar Blender


1.This equipment can meet different performance requirements of the dry mortar

products production needs, such as binding mortar, plaster mortar, such as thermal

insulation system of the bonding mortar required mortar, and other special mortar.

2.It is suitable for : mortar putty powder , cement powder , spice powder ,animal feed ,

chemical , food and feed refractory material and other area , can be made of stainless


Working principle Of Horizontal Mortar Blender


The material inside the rotor by two opposite effects, for a compound movement driven

by blades of materials along the inner wall of slot machines for counter-clockwise, turning

left and right hand drive material , in the shape of two overlapping rotor weight loss area,

in this region, regardless of the shape of the material, size, and density how can make the

material floating in a moment of weightlessness, which makes the material in the slot

machine to form a continuous cycle of turning round cross-cutting shear, gentle mixing

so as to achieve rapid results


Technical Data Of Horizontal Mortar Blender















Pictures Show Of Horizontal Mortar Blender





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