100% water soluble Bio-Chemical Fulvic Acid 90% Organic Fertilizer

SpecificationAppearanceBrown yellow powderSize100 meshFulvic acid90%min.Calcium5%min.pH value4-7Moisture5%maxWater   solubility 100%Product character Appearance:  Brown yellow powder Product efficacies:It can be used for foliar fertilizer, water flush fertilizer, trace fertilizer, organic fertilizer, plant nutritional solution, drought-resistant agent, seed dressing, and synergistic agent for farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers, which can increase its effect significantly.After use of this product, generally, gain crops increase in yield by 8-15%; and vegetables, melons and fruits by around 20%. This product has preventive effect on various crop pests. When used in combination with farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers,its residue will decrease and its effect will increase. When used as a additive for a fertilizer, this product may reduce loss of NPK, and heighten availability of a fertilizer by 10-20%.It also can be used for feed supplement.Package & Delivery:Package: In 20kg net plastic coated paper bag lining inside.Delivery Date: Within 15 days after receiving the buyer’s payment. Storage & Transportation:Store in a cool and dry place; avoid water, moisture and sunlight, and seal well after using. Agglomeration in dry powder has no influence on its effect, and shatter to use.  Changes in color of BFA dry powder belongs to a normal phenomenon, and will not influence on its quality.   Validity: 3 yearsProfessional as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various agrochemical products, Sunmatte Technology has been specialized in this field for many years. If you are looking for high quality and competitive price 100% water soluble bio-chemical fulvic acid 90% organic fertilizer supplements for plants, please feel free to wholesale products with our factory. We now have good fertilizer for sale.


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