Horizontal Borer TX68

Main parameters Unit TX68
Spindle diameter mm Φ85
Spindle taper   Morse 5
Spindle speed r/min 18 steps; 20-1000
Main motor power kW 6.5 / 8
Max drilling capacity of spindle mm 65
Max boring capacity of spindle mm 240
Speed of facing head r/min 14 steps; 10-200
Travel of facing head slide mm 170
Max boring capacity of facing head mm 450
Table size (L x W) mm 1000x800
Max load of table kg 2000
Transverse travel of table mm 850
Vertical travel of spindle head mm 757
Longitudinal travel of table mm 1080 (equipped with end support)
Axial travel of spindle mm 600
Range of axes speed per spindle rotation mm/rev X, Y, Z: 0.025-8, 18steps; W: 0.05-16, 18 steps
DRO   X, Y
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 5075 x 2345 x 2730
Net weight kg 12000


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