TS-5511 external antenna Pir curtain sensor

TS-5511 external antenna Pir curtain sensor Pir curtain sensor(infrared detector) Function characteristics: 1.using the latest digital technology; 2.the counting pulse counting optional,adjusting the detection sensitivity 3.comprehensive automatic temperature compensation,strongly resist false positives 4.has the low voltage detection alarm function,low power consumption, long battery life 5.by adopting the technology of SMT, EMI and RFI interference 6.by changing the lens to achieve a wide Angle/curtain switch function ABS panel,LED ON / OFF selectable Full automatic temperature compensation,SMT process, anti- RFI, EMI interference can adjuste 3 pulse count to facilitate the installation of different environments Operating voltage : AA battery,Static Battery : ≤25μA Alarm Battery : ≤10mA,Detection distance: 12m,Detection angle :L/R15 ° U/D110 ° Transmission Distance : 100m (open distance),Undervoltage indicator: yellow LED Alarm Indication: Red LED,Working temperature : -10 °C ~ +40 °C Ambient temperature: Max 95% RH (no condensation),Installation:Wall or corner mounting Packaging & Shipping Size:110 x 69.5 x 40mm weight:0.3kg


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