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Changzhou Boma Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China electrical machine manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.czboma.com, and also a professional electrical machine company and factory, we are always at your service. Electrical machine (Z4) Z4 series DC motivation is suitable for all kinds of mechanical transmission, such as metallurgy, machine tool, papermaking, printing, textile, printing, dyeing, cement, plastic, and other industries. Features: Stable, good performance of speed adjustment, reduce the armature voltage can be realized constant torque control and reduce down exciter current constant power up speed regulation, wide speed range, high and low rotation speed can reach as than 0; Small volume, light weight, The output power is great, overload ability. Conditions of use: 1. The elevation not more than 1000 m. Environmental temperature not more than + 40 Degrees Celsius; 2. Consists of a single-phase bridge rectifiers or three-phase all control the bridge rectifiers power supply; 3. Allow forced excitation, strong under no more than 500 V voltage. Motor model meaning Z4-250-4 2 2 cover code 4 the armature core length Motor center high Series code Structure introduction 1, motor shell protection grade and installation structure types A. Shell protection grade for IP21S, also can be used for IP23 or IP44. B. Motor are equipped with the feet, with the following installation: 2, cooling way The whole series motor cooling mode are cold, and he forced ventilation, in radial equipped with ride type blower, independent power supply, and accompanied by air filter. Motor cooling way for IC06, according to the needs of user, also can be made into IC17, IC37. A. Z4-100 ~ Z4-160, the fan installed in the transmission side. B. Z4-180 ~ Z4-450 its fan installed in transmission side. C. Cooling air volume, wind pressure and fan motor (three-phase, 2 extremely, 380 V)


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