Advertisingart Cnc Router Model:ymg1212

Weihai Holly Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China advertisingart cnc router model:ymg1212 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome to wholesale advertisingart cnc router model:ymg1212 for sale from our factory, and check products price with us.Functions and features:1. It adopts high precision preloaded eliminating gap ball screw to reduce the gap which is resulted from the movement to the minimum.2. Imported four row steel ball line rail, self-lubricating slide block, make each direction equal stress, to ensure the mechanical precision and strength.3. The breakpoint memory way to guarantee it can go on work when knife accidently broken or the next day work. Preservation types of many work piece processing.4. Portal type moving, strengthen the table to make it durable, long time use with no deformation, better positioning accuracy.5. Scutcheon making is elaborately carved without jags, bottom is smooth and contour is clear, besides, cutting 2 cm organic glass is also relaxed easily.Applicable industries:1. Woodworking industry: classic mahogany furniture processing. 2. Other Industry: carving a variety of shadow carving, relief, widely used in craft gifts industry.3.This machine can be used in: aluminum cutting industry, aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum, 3D ornamental engraving technology, wave plates production, all kinds of man-made plank material abnormity opening, LED, neon lights groove cutting , blister light box mould making.Acrylic, coated board, PVC, man-made stone, MDF board and other kinds of planks processing.Performance Index:No.ItemsIndexParametersOptional1Stroke range:X1200mm1300mmY1200mm2400mmZ120mm200mm2Table size1340*1540mm 3PrecisionProcess precision±0.04mmReposition accuracy±0.05mm4StructureTable structure·section aluminumX,Y,Z structureRack or screw5SpeedEmpty speed≥10000mm/minWorking speed≥6000/min6SpindleSpindle rate1.5kw0.8kwSpindle speed24000r/min 7Motor typestepper 8Working voltageAC220V/50HZ 9Command codeG Code 10Operating systemDSPWeihong 11Gross weight380KG 12Net weight500KG  


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