Belt Conveyor

1. Applications Belt Conveyor is one widely used conveying machine for continuous transportation of bulk materials with particles density at the range of 0.5~2.5t/m3 and packed materials in a varieties of industries. The conveyor could be used together with other conveying equipment. The machine is in simple and safe structure and easy to be adjusted,Website:, and is widely used in flour factory, animal feed factory, grease factory, mines and chemical industry. 2.Work principle When conveying grain or bulk materials, the machine makes use of the friction force between grain and belt, as well as the friction between grain particle and grain particle, as a result the grain will move along with the moving belt at the action of the friction force in order to realize materials or grain transportation. 3.Installation, test-running and debuggingThe TDSG series grain belt type conveyor made by our company is installed, test-run and debug in the factory before ex-work. It will be separated into several sections and delivered to the site after the confirmation on its normal operation. We will send our technicians to the site for installation,re- test-running and debug at site. During the process, we will advise the direct user to send their persons to join and learn its commissioning method which will be favorable for its normal operation.4.Safe operation and MaintenanceThe normal operation of the conveyor has direct relations with the right operation and regular maintenance. The wrong operation will bring about the accident and the human injuries such as the belt crack due to the belt deviation, the impact on belt because of too high grain feed chute and the lack of lubricate oil at the working positions. The conveyor shall be started without load, and it should stop when there is no grain on the belt in general. If there is any abnormal conditions in normal operation, the machine shall power-off for maintenance. The operators shall clean or replace the spare parts or components after the conveyor stops or power-off in order to prevent personal injury or death. 


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