Breast Enlargement Massager BT-6619

Model NO:Breast Enlargement Massager BT-6619Breast Massager Product Discription1.Red right therapy for adjustment,Website:, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood increased significantly. Accelerate blood circulation, dredge the clogged breast body.2.42±2℃ heat energy activate cells, connect thymus, promote hormone secretion, activate cells renewal.3.Powerful iontophoresis function import nutritional essence, promote nutrient absorption and transport of hormones.4.High-frequency vibration, soothing massage, improve the chest skin elasticity, lift up and firming.5.Micro-electric and one button control, 3 modes free to adjustable use.6.Basing on ergonomic principles, using the encircle design, fitting to the chest line closely.7.USB rechargeable, easy to use, more energy-saving and environmental protectionntroduction of 3 modes function  breast massagerRecommend to use in turn according to priority.USE 3 minutes for each mode Mode  1Ion+ vibration massage(183tims/s)+thermal energy + Red LED light therapy Ionic function introduces essence into the deep skin, improves the absorption of the breast care essence. Continuous vibration helps nutrition absorption 42±2℃ cheating actives blood flow around breast, tighten the breast. Mode  2Ion+(Intermittent) Vibration massage (100times/s)+Red led light therapy (intermittent)Intermittent vibration improves the massages strength, promotes absorption to deeply skin, nourish breast deeper Mode 3Dual frequency vibration massage(140times/s)After delivering all nutrition of beauty care products, the dual frequency vibration enhances your breast elastic1. Apply liquid breast products2. Take off the cap , select your favorite function mode3. High-frequency vibration massage and lift up, and repeat this step.4. Please clean the massage head with a towel or tissue after using.Unit    size130*81*74mmVibration    1183 tims/SVibration    2100 tims/SVibration    3140 tims/STemperature42±2℃Operating    VoltageDC4.2VOperating    Current80-650MaPower≤2.8wMaterialABSN.W.110G 


至: Truely Beauty Industry Co., Ltd
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