Face Mist BT-6669

Model NO:Face mist BT-6669Face Mist Product DiscriptionHandy Nano mist adopts high-tech nano penetration technology,Website:http://www.beautytruely.com, when water flows come though nano atomizing chip, liquid will turn into micro-sized particle rapidly, and will be penetrated into cuticle. Using nano mist for 50 seconds, it can deliver moisture for lasting 12hours, keep skin hydrated.Using the nano mist before fixing makeup, can enhance skin hydration, control oil effectively, and keep the foundation smooth and even for a seamless finish.Face Mist picsOpen the back cover Open water tank rubber stopper3.Using dropper to add mineral water or 5 times diluted toner, close rubber stopper and back cover.4.  Slide down the sliding cover, the blue indicated light will be on, and mist spraying out.5  Keep the handy mist 15cm from face, close your eyes and enjoy moisturizing.6. It will automatically off after 50s, if you want to use it again, please slide down the cover again.Facial Steamer Device Cautions1.   This item is charged by USB cable( included in package). Charging time is 2 hours.2.   The red indicator light will be on when charging, and will be off when fully charged3.   Purified water have been filtered or processed by reverse osmosis or distillation, removing bacteria, mineral, organic impurities. The water quality is very light and soft, it will generate small drop of water around the nozzle when water atomized into mist, affect the mirror effect. To keep skin healthy and feel an extremely pleasant using experience, we do not suggest to use purified water.4.   Please don not use it without water5.   Please add water by dropper correctly.6. Do not adding water under tap directly, nor dip it in water. Otherwise water may enter the device and damage the device component.7.  Clean the surface gently with soft wet towel.8.  Do not clean the device with alcohol, gasoline or corrosive detergent chemicals.9.  Do not spray on any wounded skin, oral, eyes, nor respiratory tract directly. Do not inhale the fog.10.Do not dismantle or modify the device, otherwise it will cause product damage and circuit fault.11.  Please charge the device when blue indicator light flashing.12.  Please empty the water tank if long time no use.13.  Please keep the device in ventilated dry places.14.  Please clean the nozzle by cotton swab every week to avoid clogging.15..lease keep it out of reach of children. Unite    size118x37.5x21mmOperating    VoltageDC4.2VOperating    Current 350±50mAPower ≤1.8WWater    capacity9mlEach    spray time50sCharging    time2 hoursEach    full tank of water spray time13timesMaterialABS+PC plastic+ PC mirrorN.W.62g 


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