250kg/hr Oil Sludge Incinerator With Gas Disposal

Technical DataNO.NAMELISTQTY1Primary burning systemOne setMaterial and thickness: A3 steel 6mm + 200 ~ 250 mm acid-resisting and alkali-resisting refractories(High temperature resistant: 1790℃)Furnace body, furnace interior volume: 4.0 m3,fire bed area :0.95 m2Temperature test mouth, feeding door, ash door, ash hookIgnition burner: G20 diesel oil, fuel line control system, oil tank (0.3 m3)air blower (5.5 KW), valves and piping2Secondary burning systemOne setmaterial and thickness: A3 steel 6 mm +refractory material 200 mmSecondary chamberExplosion -proof door, hinge, etcSecondary burner:G20 diesel oil,fuel line control systemOperating platform, ladder3Dust collectorOne setmaterial and thickness: A3 steel 6 mm +refractory material 200 mmDust collector body, processing capacity : 5000 m3 / h4Secondary spray towerOne setMaterial: A3 steel lining anti-corrosion coating + stainless steel nozzle + packingWashing tower body,smoke processing capacity :5000 m3 / hCirculating pump 4.0 KW, 316L stainless steel spiral nozzle, ceramic pall ring fillerStainless steel spray pipe and control valves5Flue exhaust systemOne setHigh temperature flue: A3 steel 6 mm + thermal insulation materialLow temperature flue: 6 mm + A3 steel anti-corrosion paintExhaust fan:7.5 KW, 5430 m3 / h, 2880 pa, induced air adjustment valve6ChimneyOne setExports: Φ 426, 15 meters high from the groundMaterial: steel A3 + anticorrosive coatings7attachment systemOne setother standard parts, platform, support, safe passage and guardrail, repair tools, etc8Electronic instrument control systemOne setZhengtai (or at the same level product)electrical accessories, outdoor waterproof type electric control cabinet, instrument, meter, temperature display, wire and cable and thermocoupleLiquid level alarm system, high and low temperature load and leakage protection interlock system9Protective coatingOne setTwo layers of high temperature resistant paintAttach: operating costs1.Gross capacity: 18 kwair blower:5.5 Kw * 1 (operation continuous) exhaust fan:7.5 Kw * 1 (operation continuous)primary burner:0.32 Kw * 1 (operation intermittent)Secondary burner:0.32 Kw * 1 (operation continuous)Lye pump:4.0 Kw * 1 (operation continuous)2.fuel consumption:5-20 kg/h (according to the waste heat value and change, the higher heating value, the less fuel consumption, lower heating value, the greater fuel consumption).3.lye consumption:(including acidic gas meter at 0.1%) sodium carbonate consumption is about 14.5 kg per tonne of waste4.operators:1 person/class5.the equipment covers:8 m x 10 m


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