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Xi'an Huipu Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the professional vaginal dryness manufacturers and suppliers with customized vaginal dryness CE,Website:, ISO and OEM factory, if you are looking for low price feminine hygiene vaginal dryness cream, lubricante vaginal, dry vagina, vaginal moisture, vaginal moisturizer distributor, or you want to wholesale sex products, we are always at your service. Product name: “Hui Pu” Type C Anti Vaginal dryness gel Specification: 5g /per application Shelf Life: 24 months Storage: Keep sealed and store in a cool and dry place away from exposure to direct sunlight. Main Ingredients:  Aloe,plant oil,plant germ,flores aurantii,borneol For many women, vaginal dryness is a very real problem, which impacts their quality of life. Fortunately, there is a safe and proven solution for vaginal dryness called “Hui Pu” anti vaginal dryness gel. A long-lasting, estrogen-free vaginal moisturizer, this gel helps women feel good about themselves again. It is the vaginal moisturizer recommend most by gynecologists. It replenishes vaginal moisture on a sustained basis for days and relieves discomfort associated with vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness (Vaginal Atrophy) is the result of the natural ageing process. It not only affects lovemaking, but often leads to itching, irritation and discomfort. These common problems are caused by lack of natural moisture which originates inside the vagina. It replenishes this essential moisture. Applied internally every day, this gel provides continuous moisture and comfort. Its regular use helps to maintain vaginal health. You may use this gel more or less often as needed, up to once per day. Pre-filled applicators enable you to hygienically place the right amount of gel exactly where it is needed, high up, inside the vagina. Using method: ● It is better to use the gel before your bedtime,lying down will reduce leakage of the medication from your vagina that would eventually occur while standing or walking around ● Gently insert the prefilled applicator into your vagina only as far as it will confortable go,around 7 cm deep You can stand with your feet apart and your knees bent or lie on your back with your knees bent and legs slightly apart ● Push the plunger of the applicator until it stops. Remove the applicator from the vagina ● Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Discard the applicator if it is disposable. ● If need sexual life, it must be use before sexual life one hour at least, or after sexual life one hour at least.  Instruction: ● Use the gel for 15 days in a row to get results ● At the first month, use it one applicator every night, from second month use 2 or 3 pcs each week. Precautions: ● Women can not use it during pregnant, lactating and menstruating period. ● Do not take it orally.


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