Macleaya cordata Extract

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Botanical name:Macleaya Cordata (Willd) R. Br.
Part of plant used:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Sanguinarine, Chelerythrine
Total alkaloids 60%, Sanguinarine 40% tested by HPLC
Total alkaloids 80%, Sanguinarine 55%-60% tested by HPLC
Total alkaloids 90%, Sanguinarine 60%-65% tested by HPLC
Product Description:
Pink plumepoppy (Macleaya Cordata (Willd) R. Br.) is a wild plant mainly growing in China, the whole herbal,
especially in its fruits contains a lot of alkaloids, which are Sanguinarine and Chelerythrine, also some minority
of Bocconine, protopine, α-allocryptopine etc. In the Macleaya cordata extract, the Sanguinarine and Chelerythrine
are two important alkaloids holding a high percentage.
Function: Macleaya cordata extract is a green pollution-free plant extract. It has a strong antimicrobial activity
and wide antimicrobial spectrum, it has antimicrobial activity against coccus, bacillus, gram-positive and
electronegative bacterium, and it has a stronger antimicrobial activity more than commonly berberine hydrochloride
and penicillin against some bacteria. Use this product can help livestock effectively antimicrobial diarrhea,
simulative bile and pancreatic secretion. This product is safe and effective. It is easy to dissolve in methanol
and ethanol solution
Application: Pharmaceutical Industry, Feed additives, Pesticides


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Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
Macleaya cordata Extract
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