irrigation filters

Disc filter is a type of water filter used primarily in irrigation system, similar to a screen filter, a cross between a screen filter and a media filter, with many of the advantages of both. Disc filters are good at removing both particulates, like sand, and organic matter.
Different with screen filter the disc filter cartridge is made of a number of discs stacked on top of each other. Discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to a specific micron size.
The water is forced between the disks, and the particulates are filtered out because they won’t fit through these gaps. The organics are snagged by the sharp points on the bumps.
The filtration quality, defined this as the higher or lower quantity and size of particles that the filtering element is able to retain, depend on the geometry and size of the channels, the length of these and the number of generated intersection points.

In addition to disc filters, we have numerous other filtration products, visit our Products page to learn more about the other product offerings we have in addition to our disc filters, centrifugal separators and media filters.


Made of polypropylene material which has Excellent chemical and weather resistance and durable.
Operation is easy and requires no special tools
Long-term operation with little maintenance or cleaning
Maximum operating pressure 10 kg/cm² (142 psi).
Available in standard filtration 120 mesh. (Other mesh sizes are available On demand).
Available in 1 1/2″-4″, BSPT & NPT male threaded inlet & outlet.


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