Qiandong produces and exports complete range of cosmetic brushes with fine quality animal hair materials. Major hair brushes include: kabuki brush, Powder Brush, Brush Set, Powder Brush, Blusher Brush, Lip Brush, Eyebrow Brush and other kinds of hair brushes.High efficiency manufacturing equipment enables us to produce various cosmetics tools. Many years of R&D(research and development) experience in this field enables us to provide most competitive price for our customers. All of our products are characterized by  high quality, strict safety standard and high efficiency. We have exported products to all over the world, especially to Europe,  Latin America, Southeast Asia and  Oceania. OEM is one of our main business and we provide cosmetics for both domestic and foreign famous cosmetic brands, which guarantees premium quality product and smooth selling channels. Now I will teach you how to clean a paint brush.Pour enough solvent into a container to fully cover the brush bristles. Don't use too large a container as you will be refilling it several times. Dip and swirl the brush in the solvent, working it into the bristles. Repeat the process with clean solvent until the bristles are clean. Spin or flick the brush by hand or with a mechanical spinner to remove the solvent.While on water-based paints, you can use the soaped-water to replace the solvent. No matter you need the standard brush or the special customized brush, We can meet your needs!


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cattle  tail hair brush
cattle tail hair brush
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combed cattle tail hair
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Single drawn horse tail hair
Horse Mane  Hair
Horse Mane Hair

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