Grape Skin Extract

Grape Skin Extract is the spinoff from grape extraction, which is specially dense in polyphenols such as resveratrol and anthocyanidin with effects of antioxidants, hypolipidemic and anti-cancer agents.CAS#:64-75-5Bioactive IngredientsOPCsBenefits 1. To help prevent against arteriosclerosis and thrombosis 2. To help prevent against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease 3. Antioxidation activityCharacteristics Purple powderSpecifications Polyphenols 25%~85% UV


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人参提取物 产品名称:人参提取物 产品来源:为五加科植物人参(Panax Ginseng)的干燥根或者茎叶。 外观:浅黄色或类白色粉末 有效成分:人参总皂甙 规格:10% 20%,80% 包装:25公斤/桶 用途: 主要适用于冠心病、心绞痛、心率过缓、过快、室性早博、血压失调、神经衰弱、更年...
Grape Skin Extract
五味子提取物 产品名称:五味子提取物 植物来源:五味子科五味子属常绿木本植物五味子Schisandra chinensis的干燥果实 外观:棕黄色粉末 有效成分:五味子甲素(Deoxyschizandrin)、五味子乙素(γ-Schizandrin)、五味子醇甲 (Schizandrin)、五味子醇乙...
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