NGP-SB400 Non asbestos Beater Sheet

NGP-SB400 Non asbestos Beater Sheet, 100% Asbestos Free NGP-SB400 is mainly made of high temperture resisting synthetic fibre, Kevlar fiber and NBR binder, The material has high mechanical strength, low water and oil absorbability, excellent compress rebound elasticity and leak tightness. It is also vulcanized fully. used for gasket of automobile and motorcycle, flange gasket in petroleum chemical industry and others which requires 250 for long term use temperture and 350 for short term use highest temperature.Material Characteristics: Density: 1.4 g/cm3Tensile: 10 Mpa Min Compressibility (at 34.5MPa): 10 ~20 % Recovery: 40 % MinASTM F 146 3#oil 1500 C y 5h Thickness Increase: 30% MaxASTM F 146 B Liquid RT y 5h Thickness Increase: 20% MaxSpecifications ( mm) 1200 * 1000 * 0.5~2.0


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