20751021 King Pin Kits For VOLVO Truck

Item VOLVO King Pin Kits 20751021
King Pin Material (1)SAE 1045 /DIN C45 /BS 060A47 Carbon Steel
(2)Customer required material
King Pin Hardness HRC 53-63
Bush Type Bimetallic Bush /Bronze Bush /Conposite Bush /Plastic Bush
Bearing Material GB GCr15 /VDEh 100CrMn6 /SAE 52100 /BS 534A99
Technology Disign (1)use the most advanced technology to produce the King Pins and Bushs
(2)Design the products according to OEM samples
Quality Parts utilize good quality raw materials and are heat treated for superior
strength and long service life
Service (1)Examination of material,hardness and dimenssion etc.
(2)Design according to customer's requires,samples and drawings.
Packing (1)Neutral packing
(2)Customer required packing
(3)Normal export packing
Delivery time 30-45 days
Payment TT30% deposit and the balance before delivery

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Currently, we are exporting the King pin ktis to Latin American Countries, Europe, the Mid East, and Africa etc
with more than 10 years experience. Our products are enjoying a good reputation, because of the stable quality,
competitive price and excellent aftermarket service.

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact with us.welcome to send to atsales#antai-auto.com
Thank you!


至: 珠海安泰汽车零配件有限公司
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20751021 King Pin Kits For VOLVO Truck
20751021 King Pin Kits For VOLVO Truck
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