GSM house alarm system

This Intelligent Networking Voice Anti-theft Alarm Host supports 8 wired and 30 wireless defense zones. It adopts advanced 32-bit ARM microprocessor. This guarantees the high integration,Website:, high reliability and a variety of flexible interface. It can store 6 groups of alarm tele number, and at the same time two groups center number (e.g., the public security bureau 110 turning center). It can upload alarm information through PTSN、GSM、GPRS(optional)、TCP/IP (optional)communication networks. The alarm host is suitable for families, residential quarters, villas, commercial auxiliary networking, the financial system, authority institutions, industrial parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, and many other areas. It is an ideal choice because it is easy to install, with LCD display keypad, voice prompt and menu operation. Main Technical Performance Indicators Power supply: AC220V+10% Static Consumption Current: ≤150mA Power ≤1W Alarm Output: ≤800mA, 12V Output Voltage: DC12V~15V Wireless Receiving Frequency: 315MHZ/433MHZ optional Working Temperature: -10 ~ 55°C Working Humidity: 40 ~ 70% System Operation The main use of anti-theft alarm is to detect whether there is intruder to your office or home and ask for emergency help. Before you leave the office or home, you should make sure that the windows and doors are closed, and let the alarm system in alert deployment. After the system is armed, if the alarm zone is triggered, it will make alarm in the ways below: 3.1.1 If the host connects to the siren and the zones are set as sound alarm, there will be a sound alarm and the keypad will beep. 3.1.2 If the system connects to the alarm center, the alarm host will transmit the alarm information to the alarm center through tele network. 3.1.3 If the system set the master or security personnel tele (fixed tele or mobile number), the host will dial the preset numbers in turn. And it will switch to tele alarm control. 3.1.4 In a state of alarm, the LCD keypad screen will display the alarm information.


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