BMW Car Remote Windows Roll Up And Down With Key For BMW X6 Serila

FeaturesFunction of BMW car Window closer System:1.Press one smart key to close all windows and sunroof  Avoid the rain into the car,  Anti-Theft.2.Window Roling-Down/Car air circulation Press on the Key remote control "unlock" button twice within 3 seconds, four door window all roll down( quick replacement of fresh air bring you a green travel)  3.Seeking Vehicle (For underground garage and large parking lot use) Press on the Key remote control "lock" button 3 times within 6 seconds, then vehicle emergency light will flash for 30 seconds, so customer find their cars more easily. The valid distance is about 100 meters (cars with central door lock response in instrument cluster support horn honking 3 minutes internally) 4. Alarm/Warning to avoid rear-end collisions When you make emergency brake when speed exceed 50km/h, the emergency lamp will be flash to  remind the vehicles behind. So rear-ending collision can be avoided. 5.Automatically detects if the doors and windows are closed, if not, it will automatic alarm, do not need to check by yourself anymore. 6.Trunk and hood abnormal alarm. If the trunk and car hood not close well, there is the risk of high speed, with the window closer, it will alarm automatically to avoid risks. 7.with function of Folding Rearview mirrorMore Function of BMW Car Window closer: 1.Gentlemen Feature: move the copilot’s seat backward automatically when keeping pressing the driving seat's door "M" key 2.Turn on front blinker, rear blinker automatically when turning the steering wheel   (Turn on blinker automatically while on turning) 3.Open the truck instantly when keeping pressing idriver’s "option" key  4.Activate prepositive reversing radar automatically when starting from P gear to D gear  5.alarm when locking if doors/windows / trunk not closed tightly, or engine not turned off one smart key to close all windows and sunroof 7. Auto turn on all blinkers while opening door to remind other driving cars 8.Acoustical (warning tone) confirm while opening or locking the car some function can inactivate or activate through the car’s control center digital button. No need to dismantle or dip switch Support BMW Car type list:Manual of install:Packing of Car Window Closer system: 1.Car window closer module x 1pc2.Host Line x 1pc3.Manual x 1pc


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