DELPHI head rotor

This is Vivian from China Balin Parts Plant,

which specialized in the manufacture and export

of diesel injection parts, including plunger, injector

nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor and so on.

Our company passed the TS16949 quality certification.


Advantages 1 High quality products

  1. 3.Excellent after-sale service system


If you are interested, please contact Vivian

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SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL:  86-594-2650550  

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX:  86-594-2660550




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7123-340R                                          4/8.5L         DPA

7123-340S                                          4/8.5R         DPA

7123-340T                                          4/9L            DPA

7123-340U                                          4/9R           DPA

 7123-340W                                        4/9.5R         DPA

7123-345U                                          6/9R           DPA

7123-909T                                          6/9L            DPA

7139-130T                                          4/9L            DPA

7139-235G                                          3/8R           DPA

7139-360U                                          6/9R           DPA

7139-709W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7139-764S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7139-764T                                          3/9L            DPA

7139-92Y                                           6/10R          DPA

7180-572Y                                          6/10R          DPA

91Y                                                    6/10R          DPA

908V                                                  6/9.5L         DPA

7180-600L                                          4/7R           DPA

7180-650S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7180-647U                                          4/9R           DPA

7180-611W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7180-613W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7180-655L                                          6/7R           DPA

7180-668W                                         4/9.5R         DPA

7180-819U                                          4/9R           DPA

7180-965L                                          4/7R           DPA

7180-977S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7183-125L                                          4/7R           DPS

7183-156L                                          6/7R           DPS

7183-165L                                          4/7R           DPS

7183-129K                                          4/7L            DPS

7183-136K                                          4/7L            DPS

7185-114L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-196L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-197L                                          4/7R           DP200

7185-913L                                          3/7R           DP200

7185-917L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-918L                                          4/7R           DP200

7189-376L                                          4/7R           DP200

9050-191L                                          4/7R           DPA

9050-228L                                          4/7R           DP200

9187-210A                                          3/7R           DP200

344W                                                 4/9.5R         DPA

641L                                                  4/7R           DPA

645L                                                  4/7R           DPA

698U                                                  4/9R           DPA

800L CI                                              4/7R           DPA

547L                                                  4/7R           DPA

727L                                                  6/7R           DPA

927S                                                  3/8.5R         DPA

976L                                                  3/7R           DPA

15L                                                    4/7R           DPS

528K                                                  4/7L            DPS

215L SI                                              4/7R           DP200

215L CI                                              4/7R           DP200

511L SI                                               6/7R           DP200

511L CI                                              6/7R           DP200

039L                                                  4/7R           DP200

627L                                                  3/7R           DP200



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