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We're a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.
We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.
They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.
We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.

1. Allen Bradley module: 1756 series, 1771 series, 1785 series, 1746 series, 1747 series.
2. Schneider DCS system parts AS: 140CPU, 140CPS, 140NOE, etc.
3. ABB: Industrial robot parts of DSQC series: S4C, IRC5, Bailey INFI 90.
4. Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system DCS, PLC parts.
5. GE FANUC: IC 693 series, IC 697 series, IC200 series, DS200 series PLC, modules, drivers and reletive items.
6. Invensys Foxboro: I/A series,---Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series system, FBM(input / output modules) Sequence control, ladder logic control, Recalling accident treatment, The digital-to-analog converter input/output signal processing, Data communication and processing, and etc.
7. Invensys Triconex: Redundancy fault tolerant control system, Based on the three module redundancy (TMR) structure of the most modern fault-tolerant controller.
8. Siemens: Siemens MOORE, Siemens Simatic C1, Siemens numerical control system, 6DD series, 6FC, 6AV, IS200 series. Bosch Rexroth: Indramt, I/O modules, PLCs, Drivers.
9. Motorola: MVME 162 series, MVME 167 series, MVME 1772 series , MVME177 series and etc.  
10. XYCOM: I/O, VME Plate and processor an etc.
11. SAIA modules, TRUSTED Input/Output controll modules and Bently Nevada, HIMA.
12. OKUMA Robots, FANUC Robots, YASKAWA Robots, KUKA Robots, MitsubishiRobots, OTC Panasonic Robots, MOTOMAN Robots.
NEW Swagelok NXT-DRP81AFEFE-?WH UHP 1/2 in. 2-Way Manual Diaphragm Valve 1/2"

 NEW ASM PN: 03-186177D01 Lamp Check 1-9 PCB Circuit Board Assembly Assy

 NEW ASM 32-122101A75 Genmark Robot Interface Cable 15ft

 NEW Canon-Anelva 954-7720 SPDT Vacuum Switch

 Telonic Berkley TTF375-1-3EE Manually Tuned Bandpass Filter TTF 375 250-500 MHz

 Chennelec/Sprague .000265 uF 200kV WKG/45 kV BIL High Voltage Capacitor

 Bird APM-10L 10 W 1700-2200 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug for APM-16

 NEW Omron STi T2007 Safety Interlock Switch, Tokyo Electron PN: A128304 (TEL)

 NEW NEC F2818A Heatron 922-A00110-00 Remote Battery Plant Heater Pad Kit, C-REX

 NEW Cymer/ASML/SVG PN: 854-2319-001 Laser Spare Part Module For Cymer ELS Series

 NEW GasTech 72-0416-03 LEL H2 Detector Board Module, ASM PN: 83-108642A24

 NEW ASM PN: 16-336201-01 Cover-Top LLC Lexan

 National Instruments NI PCI-5421 16-Bit 100 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

 NEW Omron E3L-2RC4 Red Laser Photoelectric Sensor ASM PN: 02-187648D07 187648D08

 Bird DPM-5L2 125 mW-5 W 1900-2200 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug for DPS/5010

 Rudolph AutoEl IV-NIR3 Film Thickness Ellipsometer Auto-El 4 FTM

 4: NEW AMAT Applied Materials 3700-02986 .61ID .10CSD O-Ring Oring Kit

 Gun/Gunn Oscillator 18-19 GHz 250 mw 0-30 VDC

 Parker 8Z-B8LJ-SSP 2-Way 1/2" 316 Stainless Steel 2-Way Manual Ball Valve w/PTFE

 NEW Schweitzer Engineering SEL-4000/AMS/RTS Source/Relay Test System 400000110

 NEW Eimac SK-711A / SK-700 Tube Socket for 4CX300A/4CX300Y/4CX125C/4CX125F

 NEW CTI Electronics KIA98P1-9.5 PS2 Keyboard w/ArrowMouse, ASM PN: 45-125486A01

 NEW Gespac OUT-3A/GESOUT-3A 32-Channel Output Board, ASM PN: 03-322711A01

 Digi ClassicBoard PCI 8 8-Port RS-232 Serial Interface Card

 NEW Kenwood Texio PSR20-18M Regulated DC Power Supply 20 VDC @ 18 A

 Adept PA-4 Amplifier Motor Controller Chassis 2 A Amp, 1 Dual B PN: 30330-31000

 NEW Carten Cross-Duplex High-Purity Diaphragm Valve 501314-01-BLK/DPC500-500-10

 KISS/SEAL Accutek SA-100 Semi-Automatic Packaging/Lidding Machine

 NEW ASM PN: 16-186990B01 @Cover-Viton

 Bird 801-1 1 W 800-1000 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element for 43+ 1W 1 GHz

 NEW Millipore Tylan FC-2900M 200 sccm H2 Mass Flow Controller, ASM 54-123250A16

 NEW E.F. Johnson 124-0111-001 Chimney for SK-600A+ EF

 NEW APTech AP1601S 3P 660 P Single Stage Gas Pressure Regulator 6 6 0

 4: NEW AMAT 3870-03063 2-Way Diaphragm Valve Kit

 NEW AMAT/Applied Materials PN: 1410-01513 Watlow Heater Jacket 30 Mil 5 V, 4 W

 NEW Cosense/Measurement Specialties 091-20201 Transmitter/Controller??

 Signametrics SM2020/SM-2020 5-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter DMM SM-2020CT w/GTXI

 NEW TEL/Tokyo Electron Left Quartz Bath MegaSonic?

 NEW Semy Engineering/Brooks Automation MYP 890010/820300 Mypro Circuit Board PCB

 Teradyne M-841-00 D5 Drive Detector 24-Channel Board/Card L353/393

 Eimac / Amperex 4X500A/QBL4/800 Tube

 NEW ENI 240L Solid State Broadband RF Power Amplifier 20 kHz-10 MHz, 50 dB

 Omron E3L-2LE4-50/2DE4 Laser Sensor Photoelectric Switch, ASM PN: 77-106768A41

 NEW Kyosan DFK45Z-JA4 RF Generator (ASM Eagle 12) 4.5 kW 27.12 MHz 93000-06246A

 NEW E.F. Johnson 122-0101-200 VHF Military Grade Socket

 NEW Canon-Anelva M-320XG A-NET Crystal Vacuum Gauge, ASM PN: 91320-54004

 Semitool ST-860 Dual Stack Spin Rinser Dryer (SRD) w/3" PA-82M Rotors

NEW Applied Materials/AMAT PN: 0020-03651 Protective Cover Glass 5

 NEW Donaldson/Torit PN: P156334/P15-6334 Replacement Cartridge Filter

 NEW ASM PN: 42-122970A49 POWER-SUPPLY Single, 24V, 4. A / Cosel P100E-24

 NEW HP/Agilent E3615A DC Power Supply 60W, 20V, 3A

 Chroma ATE 62150H-600S-220 600 V/25A/15kW Solar Array Simulation DC Power Supply

 Matheson Tri-Gas 8-320 Brass Dual Stage Gas Regulator

 NEW Apex/Avocent ELC-00OM-01 ViewPoint Output Interface KVM Module/Card

 NEW ASM PN: 16-351152C01 Line-OW-Sense-Slow Pump-Short-RH

 NEW Thorlabs LA1027-C N-BK7 Plano-Convex 1" Lens D=25.4 mm F=35.0 mm AR w/LMR1

 DBP/DB Products Microwave 4SS1L31 DC-18 GHz 12 VDC SP4T RF Coaxial Switch

 Telonic Berkley TTF375-1-3EE Manually Tuned Bandpass Filter TTF 375 250-500 MHz

 NEW Eimac Y-770 / SK-810B Socket (Y770) for 4CX1000A/4CX1500B/4CW2000A

 Voltech AT3600 Transformer Tester/Test Set, Loaded Software!!! AT36

 General Radio GR 916-AL RF Impedance Bridge w/2 874 Connectors and 916-PI, PISI

 NEW Saes Getters PRC03/PRC 03 Version 1.2 PCB Circuit Board Assembly

 Tektronix Y350C NetTek Analyzer Base Station Tester GSM w/YBT250,YBT1

 Varian PN: 885547-03 Carrier Power Supply & Electronic Assembly P/S

 NEW 150pc Capacitor AVX RF/Microwave ACCU-F Design/Designer Kit Type 200

 SDI/SDIX/Strategic Diagnostics DeltaTox Toxicity/ATP Detector/Analyzer P1A000

 Thermotron F-12-CHV-5-5 AGREE Temperature Chamber 12 cu. ft. 5°C/minute

 SMS Scientific Micro Systems OMTI-5510-5 PCB Disk Controller, Prometrix 26-0021

 NEW Hamilton Sundstrand HED1000-70 / 5909904-6 Component Part

 Elcom 12K Ohm x 2 Dual Resistor/Resistors Ohms 12 K

 NEW Astipure/Saint-Gobain PN: 2748 Pump Body for PFD2 Diaphragm Pump Asti PFD 2

 NEW TEL/Tokyo Electron Left Quartz Bath MegaSonic?

 Qty. 38: NEW ASM PN: 21-120903A81 Screw-HSS-CUP-M6 x 10 LG PRCN CLEAN-A4

 NEW ASM PN: 43-105310A52 Assy Lamp Fxtr 36" x 1/2" Bulb T-8 12 Fixture

 Pink KEM 150 11.5" ID x 16.5" D Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber

 NEW Animatics SM1720M Smart Motor w/Ultra Motion Actuator, ASM PN: 02-188759D01

 Comdel CX-5000S/CX-5000DC RF Generator/Power Supply 5kW, AMAT PN: 0190-18052

 NEW Trust Automation TA2015 4-Axis Dual Robot Controller, ASM PN: 54-115407A09

 Leybold INFICON Transpector 2 XPR/XPR2 PN: 917-407-P1 RGA Heating Jacket/Heater

 NEW Horiba STEC SEC-4400M GeH4/H2 500 sccm Mass Flow Controller ASM 54-123117A44

 NEW ASM PN: 02-142110-03 Cable Assembly Assy-CA-Cont 1 to TBE3 for F47

 Tyco/Kilovac LEV200A5NAA 24 VDC SPST 500 A Relay/Contactor PN: 4-1618388-6

 Thermo Scientific/Forma 3911 Environmental Chamber 31" W x 24" H x 27" D

 NEW ASTeX 5kW 2.0 MHz Variable Source RF Generator ARX-X324 AMAT 0190-01961 ETO

 Plastic Capacitors HV50-103M Compact DC Power Pack/Power Supply 0-5kV 10 mA

 NEW BOC Edwards PN: C10517294 NW50 Braided Flexible 135mm Pipeline NW-50

 NEW ASM PN: 02-325413E01 100MM to 200MM Cassette Register Plate (4-8")

 Cornell Dubilier CDE 3351-6L .00051 MFD 5 kV 3.3 A 1 MHz Capacitor

 Eplax/Vero Trivolt PK60A CE/PF Power Supply PN: 116-010018J 60 W/5 V/+/-12-15 V

 NEW Astipure/Saint-Gobain PN: 2740 Pump Core for PFD2 Diaphragm Pump Asti PFD 2

 NEW HP Agilent 10780F w/C09 Laser Fiber Optic Remote Receiver

 NEW Paget Type B SC-3/8-1/2-108-A 600-316 1/2" Self Cleaning Y Strainer

 NEW ADE Series 350 Robot PN: 353-071 (-0071) Arm 022256-02, ASM PN: 78-115406A05

 NEW ASM PN: 02-187760D01 Assy-Dynamic Pressure Regulator-RH Assembly

 NEW E.F. Johnson 122-0101-200 VHF Military Grade Socket

 NEW Eimac Y464A/7289/2C39WA/3CX100A5/Y-464A Tube

 NEW ASM PN: C002030A Black O-Ring

 Qty. 3 NEW Cutler-Hammer EATON E22B1 Contact Block, 10A, ASM PN: 44-108875A06

 NEW Fairchild PN: 70240 70B Sub-Miniature Pressure Regulator 1-60 psig

 HP Agilent/Symmetricom 58535A GPS L1 1:2 Distribution Amplifier/Splitter

 Like-NEW HP/Agilent 11730C/8120-2265 Power Meter/SNS Noise 20ft Cable

 NEW ASM PN: 02-321599D01 125MM Hybrid Cassette Assembly (5", 125 mm)

 NEW Heraeus Amersil PN: 227220 Furnace Process Tube for ASM 300mm/12" ~33"L/37"L

 Ametek LPD110A 4-20 mA Transducer Loop Indicator w/Alarm Setpoints

 AVO Biddle-MEGGER BMD3 Portable Insulation Continuity Tester, Catalog No: 210601

 NEW Semikron SKV1/2B3000/2700-1,2 High Voltage Rectifier/Diode 3kVRMS 0.8A

 Tektronix/Rohde & Schwarz CMD 80 Digital Radio Test Set

 Qty. 5: NEW ASM PN: 60-122291A94 2-214/75D Black Viton O-Ring

 NEC/Disco DFD 3S/8 DS300B-100/DS-300B PCB Board Assembly PN: 134-855839-0-2

 Chennelec/Sprague .000265 uF 200kV WKG/45 kV BIL High Voltage Capacitor

 Blue-M DCW-1506-E-MP550 Welded Interior Convection Oven 20. cu. ft. 350°C

 NEW ASM PN 02-176654D01 Assy-CA-ROT MTR CONT TO UP LIMITSW Cable Sensor Assembly

 NEW Parker Veriflo PVDF GP-631-632 0-60 PSI (0-4 Bar) 1/4" Flare Gauge Protector

 NEW Amperex 6252 Tube 15 W @ 600 MHz (Up to 700 MHz, HF 832A Version)

 Druck/GE DPI 600 Digital Pressure Indicator/Calibrator (DPI600)

 NEW Lam Research PN: 810-017003-004 DIP, High Frequency Assy PCB Board Assembly

 NEW Thermo Vacuum Generators/ASM PN 6131050A P3000 MK2 Drive Assembly

 NEW GF+ George Fischer Ryan Herco 325071006V Mini Flow Sensor 5930.526 2507

 Lucas PCC-H-25-1/PC3 Pressure Gauge Calibrator Sonars 2069/195 0-25 bar

 M/A-COM 3020-4099-00 -40 to -50 db Dual Directional Coupler (KS-21603) MACOM MA

 NEW ASM PN: 04-323035A02 Kit-Enclosure O-Ring Set-LGE WDO (Large Window)

 NEW Tokyo Electron/TEL PN: 018-000586-1/NB SS13-13-N-S Bearing Slide Screw

 Bird 150-2 2.5W 150-250 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element for 43+

 NEW General Electric TED134040 Circuit Breaker 40 AMP, 3-Pole, 480 VAC GE

 Dresser Masoneilan Camflex II 35-35222 7-24 PSI 6" Rotary Control Valve ANSI 300

 NEW VAT 07512-UA24-ADA1 L-VAT Aluminum Transfer Door Valve, ASM PN: 845004654

 Sigma Systems TP1085M-C4 Thermal Platform Hot/Cold Plate -40 to +199°C

 Bird 25L1 25 W 1.7-1.99 GHz Wattmeter Element/Slug 1700-1990 MHz for 43+

 NEW MKS GBR1B54CR1 50000 sccm/50 slm GBROR Mass Flow Verifier, ASM Controller

 Varian VacIon Plus 25 Triode Ion Pump PN: 911-5030, 9115030 20 l/s

 Marconi/IFR 6200B + 6210 RF/Microwave Test Set & Reflection Analyzer w/Opt. 1/3

 Qty. 35: NEW Recif SA FO3AC2101 Carrier Resting Plate Rotation Sensor Cable Assy

 BOC Edwards 658 Barocel Pressure Transducer Capacitance Manometer 1 Torr

 NEW ASM PN: 73055-72426 Spacer/Pipe D

 NEW ASM PN: 02-140263-01 Assy-Cover-Prot-Maint-Lid

 Aeroflex JcAIR T1200 Control Display Unit CDU/ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer T1200B

 Aero Equipment UHF-3322M Communications Radio Transmitter/Receiver, PN: 31550

 Qty. 2: NEW Apex/Avocent ELC-00IM-01 ViewPoint Input Interface Cards (Card)

 NEW ASM PN: 1003-987-01 Line-OW-Highflow-Dual Valves

 EF Johnson 123-0206-200 Super Jumbo 4-Pin Mil Socket

 NEW ASM PN: 02-329265D01 Assy-Cass-A/S High Temp-150MM Wafer Cassette 6"

NEW Yamada K20-F-FV DP-20F Flat Valve Diaphragm Pump Rebuild Kit

 NEW Hitachi M-308ATE Etcher PN: 3-838933-A/3-848702-A Relay + Bracket Kit M-308

 Lindberg/Blue-M 56882/CF56822C Crucible Furnace w/Controller 1200°C 7.5" Dia 8"

 ASM Epsilon 3000 P8300 E3000 Polygon EPI Polysilicon/Nitride Reactor 300mm

 Ducati Energia DC86 PS PN: 416.86.1055 DC Filter Link Capacitor 1500 μF 700 VDC

 NEW Avocent/Apex OutLook 180ES KVM Switch w/9 CO-0732 Cables, 1U 1:8 Port

 NEW SCP/Santa Clara Plastics 3103A EPO Emergency Power Off Module PN 326-035-1DS

 Hipotronics MB-10/MB10 DLRO Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter/Microhmmeter

 Coaxial Dynamics 88530 7/8" RF Line Section w/Type-N(M) and (F)

 NEW AeroAcoustic Corp 3P Doghouse 3-Vacuum Pump Silent Enclosure 3" Thick

 Bird 5L1 5 W 1.7-1.99 GHz Wattmeter Element/Slug 1700-1990 MHz for 43+

 NEW Cutler Hammer E22MSF 28mm Full Mushroom Shroud Kit, ASM 75-125168A01

 NEW Avocent/Apex ViewPoint ELC-08SP Octal System Pod KVM Switch 1U

 Refurbed Advanced Energy HFV-8000 RF Generator 8kW AMAT PN: 0190-15553 208 V 3Ph

 NEW Omron GT1-AD04 Analog Input Unit, 4 Point Module ASM PN: 54-123388A03

 NEW Wacom/Advanced Radiation BMO-1002DF 1kW Mercury Discharge Lamp (Canon)

 HP/Agilent 35670A 2 Channel FFT Dynamic Signal Spectrum/Network Analyzer

 NEW ASM 83-108642A11 Detector-H2 Conduit Mount Combustible Gas GasTech 61-0101

 NEW Millipore FC-2900M 500 sccm SiH2Cl2 Mass Flow Controller, ASM 54-123250A17

 NEW ASM PN: 16-404406-01 Plate-Susceptor Capped 150MM (150 mm / 6")

 NEW TEL/Tokyo Electron PN: 16-3036-001 Weldment Wafer Lift/Clamp Bellows

 NEW VAT 01028-KE01-ACT1 Manual Mini KF25 1" UHV Gate Valve ASM PN: 50-125108A12

 CTI Helix PN: 8031135 Cryo Helium 3/4" Coupling Adapter

 EYE Lighting/Iwasaki HSS0460 PV Solar Light Soaking Simulation System Chamber

 NEW ASM PN: 44-125186A10 Relay-Solid State 25A 240VAC Omron G3PB-225B-VD

 Hipotronics PP20-5 20kV 5mA High Voltage DC Power Pack/Power Supply 20B, 20 kV

 3: NEW AMAT 4020-00004 Guardian HPX Filter .2μm Kit

 NEW Edmund Optics 43-834 Concave Mirror 25 mm dia x 10 mm FL Protected Gold Au

 SpeedFam-IPEC/Novellus 676 AvantGaard CMP System Polisher/Planer/Planarization

 NEW Labconco Cat: 4865000 Guardian Jr. Airflow Monitor (Cat: 9743204?) 115V

 CTI On-Board Cryopump 300mm PVD Module PN: 8113160G001 P300 Controller

 Mylex D040347-4D-DEC/KZPSC-XA DAC960 SCSI RAID Controller Card/Board

 Veeco FPP-100 Four Point Probe System FPP100 Wafer Ready to Ship.

 Gespac GESMFI-1/MFI-1 Multi Function Interface Board, ASM

 LeCroy CATC IBTracer 4X InfiniBand Protocol Analyzer UPA 10K, 10000, IB002MA

 NEW ASM PN: 04-332824-01 Pirani Gauge Retrofit Kit, Edwards APG-M-NW16

 NEW Thorlabs LA1027-C N-BK7 Plano-Convex 1" Lens D=25.4 mm F=35.0 mm AR Coating

 NEW Qualiflow AFC 260 SiH4 500 sccm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM PN:54-117817A25

 Narda DC-8 GHz 28VDC SP5T RF Coaxial Switch SMA TTL 052-B1357-A1D-2C2 L-3/L3

 Bird APM-5E 5 W 400-1000 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug for APM-16 1 GHz 5W Plug

 2 Sets of Optical Grinding/Polishing Rotational Tooling Fixtures (3 ft+ glass)

 ABB S4N S4N250 S4B100BWBA 100 A 3-Pole Circuit Breaker S4N100 w/PR211/Aux/Alarm

 Bird 801-1 1 W 800-1000 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element for 43+ 1W 1 GHz

 NEW ASM PN: 73055-70424 Transport Tube B

 NEW ASM PN: 43-105242A22 Indicator-W/Light Unit-White Cutler Hammer PN: E22H5X4

 NEW ASM PN: 73021-70380 Pipe D



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