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Zhongxinda Automation is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.
We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.
They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.
We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.
We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.

1. Allen Bradley module: 1756 series, 1771 series, 1785 series, 1746 series, 1747 series.
2. Schneider DCS system parts AS: 140CPU, 140CPS, 140NOE, etc.
3. ABB: Industrial robot parts of DSQC series: S4C, IRC5, Bailey INFI 90.
4. Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system DCS, PLC parts.
5. GE FANUC: IC 693 series, IC 697 series, IC200 series, DS200 series PLC, modules, drivers and reletive items.
6. Invensys Foxboro: I/A series,---Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series system, FBM(input / output modules) Sequence control, ladder logic control, Recalling accident treatment, The digital-to-analog converter input/output signal processing, Data communication and processing, and etc.
7. Invensys Triconex: Redundancy fault tolerant control system, Based on the three module redundancy (TMR) structure of the most modern fault-tolerant controller.
8. Siemens: Siemens MOORE, Siemens Simatic C1, Siemens numerical control system, 6DD series, 6FC, 6AV, IS200 series. Bosch Rexroth: Indramt, I/O modules, PLCs, Drivers.
9. Motorola: MVME 162 series, MVME 167 series, MVME 1772 series , MVME177 series and etc.
10. XYCOM: I/O, VME Plate and processor an etc.
11. SAIA modules, TRUSTED Input/Output controll modules and Bently Nevada, HIMA.
12. OKUMA Robots, FANUC Robots, YASKAWA Robots, KUKA Robots, MitsubishiRobots, OTC Panasonic Robots, MOTOMAN Robots.

Fisher & Paykel TCP/IP Co-Processor Module, # 30250, PSC-3, Used, WARRANTY

Charmilles Technologies PC Board, Regulator 120V, 853663, 814139B Used, WARRANTY

Mazak PC Board, 69438H S-350, This Board is off Power Supply Module, Used

Triac Mother Board, # 501-03059-00, Used, WARRANTY

Okuma Opus 5000 SVP Board II, E4809-436-016-D, Used, WARRANTY

Sumtak Optcoder AE-042-0256, DC 12V, 100 mA Used, WARRANTY

Hurco / Tung Lee Electrical 50:1 Gear Motor, 1/8 HP, 4 Pole, 220/380V, 36 RPM

Matsushita / Charmilles Roboform 40 Monitor, M-C9004N, 12V DC, Used, Warranty

Yaskawa AX1 CPU Board, JANCD-FC300B-3, DF9200040-D0, Rev D0, Used, Warranty

Zeiss Control Rack Chasis, # 608483-9207-0703, Used, WARRANTY

Robotron Weld Controller CPU / Timer Module, P/N 503-2-0324-05, Used, Warranty

Fanuc PC Board, # A20B-2901-0402 / 03A, Used, WARRANTY

Allen Bradley Power Circuit Board, # 96109932, Rev 1, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi PC Board FX702B, BN624E525H01, Rev F, Used, WARRANTY

Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-468-3256a-4, Used, WARRANTY

Continental Hydraulics Board, MD8710-05-0801, ECM5-R2-P1T1-24C-A, Used, WARRANTY

Yaskawa Servopack, SGDH-02AE, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi / YEC AF-PS Power Supply, 2000304L-B, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Velocity Control Unit, A06B-6047-H001, A20B-0009-0320 / 10D, Used

Tucker Stud Welder Control Board, # B 266A E 100 916A, Used, WARRANTY

Yaskawa SMON CPU Board, JANCD-FC200-1, DF9200704-A0, Rev E01, Used, WARRANTY

Hitachi Seiki Operator Control Panel, 11M-2711-48-232-00, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Daughter Board, A20B-2902-0420 / 02A, Used, WARRANTY

SCI EPIC I/O Circuit Board, # 52368, Revision A, Used, WARRANTY

Hurco V2 ATC Relay PCB Board, 414-0241-001 Rev A, 414-0241-001, Off BMC-20, Used

Fuji Electric 2 HP, AC Drive, FRN1.5G11S-4, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi Circuit Board, ERVA-01-DWC, Type# BY171A412G51 / D, Used, Warranty

THK HSR35 Linear Slide, 1 Rail & 2 Blocks, 42-1/2"L., Mazak VQC 15/40 VMC, Used

ACS Compact Flash Adapter, # ACS-CF-IDToCFA, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Power Supply Board, A20B-0003-0630 / 02A, Used, Warranty

Nemic Lambda Power Supply, # PS-12-24, 24 V Output, 7.5 A, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Option Module PC Board, A16B-2200-0917 / 05B, Used, WARRANTY

FUJI Electric 3 Phase Coolant Pump, Type VKN093A-4Z, 230/460V, Used, WARRANTY

Allen-Bradley Proc Panel Assy., 8000-GE, 905173 01, Used, WARRANTY

Charmilles Technologies PC Rack & Board, 852-6880, 8527100, Used, WARRANTY

Reliance Electric Circuit Card 809'35-00, Used, WARRANTY

Schroff Power Supply, 24491-079, Zeiss# 608498-8263, A1001/X1001, Used, WARRANTY

Mazak / Mitsubishi Control System Rack, FCA M325L, USED, WARRANTY

Sencon, Inc. R800-A Mass Sensor Receiver, Used, Warranty

Fanuc PC Board A16B-0190-0010, Used, WARRANTY

Zeiss Power Supply Transformator, # 608498-9048, # 858776, Used, WARRANTY

Landis, Digital Equipment, PC Board, # A86541, USED, WARRANTY

Kollmorgen Industrial Drives Servo Drive Unit, # BDS4A-106J-0001/204B2, WARRANTY

Rittal Thermex Techline Heat Exchanger # SK3248, 32164, 220 V, Used, WARRANTY

Unico Memory Processor Board, # 307-717, Revision 2, Used, WARRANTY

Yang CNC Turning Center PC Relay Board, Type# YANG-ML-R-000, 1996 Used, Warranty

Fanuc PC Board A20B-2902-02/?, Used, WARRANTY

Allen Bradley Control Panel PC Board, 8000-I, 900055 Rev-I, Used, Warranty

Fanuc Graphic PC Board, A16B-1211-0350 / 03A, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Power Supply Board, A20B-0003-0630 / 05A, Used, Warranty

Dae Yang Mechatronics Cabinet Fan Cooler Unit, FC-12, 115V, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Input Unit, # A14B-0076-B005, Used, WARRANTY

Gould I/O Technology PC Board, # 100-0369, Used, Warranty

MAHO Adapter Relay Board, 6RES1, Ident# 27.64 872, 8010.010.B/BAU, Used WARRANTY

Shimadzu PC Board, DSP-875, Board# 344-66675A, Assy 344-66715, Used, WARRANTY

Triad Controls PC Board 31-009 R3, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Power Input Unit, #A14B-0070-B104-01, Used, WARRANTY

Tamagawa TS1508N202 Optical Shaft Encoder, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi / MAZAK Circuit Board, BN624E942 H01- , Used, WARRANTY

Squae D Omegapak Adjustable Drive, 7.5 HP Cap., Type PT00GG4P10, Class 8804

Mitsubishi Numerical Control System, FCA335L33-1, MC031D, BN634E176G55A, Used

Deemstop Protection Control Chassis, # 6033-1, Used, WARRANTY

NEW Denso Power Supply Board, # RP236B, MEC-37AV-0, WARRANTY

Fanuc 6 Slot Backplane, A02B-0162-B506, Used, WARRANTY

DF Control Circuit Board, # 6403 04 000 602 02, Used, WARRANTY

OKK Osaka Kiko I/F PC Card, 3M-921859B, YM9094371 B, Used, WARRANTY

Denso Printed Circard CPU Board, # TAL-80KR, E-1056B, WARRANTY

DF Control Circuit Board, # 6403 .. 000 608 00, Used, WARRANTY

DF Control Circuit Board, # 6403 30 000 606 00, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc I/O Board, A16B-2202-0725/04B & A20B-8001-0150/01A, SELLING "AS IS"

CP Electronics PC Board, # 19P0090-000, Used, WARRANTY

Sodick CNC PC Machine Relay Unit A Board, ML-30A-12P, ML-30A-10P, Used

Okuma PC Board, # E4809-436-017-E, Used, WARRANTY

GE Keyboard and PC Board, 44B294231-002/0, 44B294321-G01, Used, WARRANTY

Toyoda/Sanyo Denki Motion Controller Servo Amplifier MC1K-U015D, Used, WARRANTY

Yasnac / Yaskawa Circuit Board, # JANCD-EIO02B, Used, WARRANTY

VideoJet Keyboard Plate, Operator Interface, 355315, Rev GA, (2) Used

Toshiba VF-S9 Transistor Inverter Drive, VFS9-4015PL-WN, 2 HP, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi Circuit Board, BY172B096H01, ARRA-01-DWC, Used, WARRANTY

Okuma Spindle PC Board, E4809-747-005-C, PPS-60C, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Board, A20B-8001-0641 / 01A, Used, Warranty

Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-0468-3806-01, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PMC (Opt) PC Board, A16B-1211-0903 / 12B, Used, WARRANTY

Kitamura PC Circuit Board, # 3-E98380A, Used, WARRANTY

NetuRen Trip Gate PC Board, # AB3632, Used, WARRANTY

Uson Series 4000 LTX Tester Z Axis Inc. CRT Monitor, # V209AM020, Used, WARRANTY

Yaskawa Power Supply, JZNC-TU39, Used, Warranty

Fanuc A20B-0005-0740 / 04C PC Board, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Main PC Board, # A16B-2200-0840/08F, Used, Warranty

Fanuc A20B-0005-0730 / 03B Display Keyboard, Used, WARRANTY

Yaskawa AC Spindle Drive Orientation Card, JPAC-C066, ETC500770, Used

Yaskawa AC Spindle Drive Motor Card, JPAC-C073.T, ETC500810, Used

Charmilles / Erowa EDM Tool Changer PC Board, SI 681, 40225a, Used, Warranty

Yasnac Relay Power Board, # 000000020, Used, WARRANTY

Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-0645-3B02-02, Used, WARRANTY

Texas Instruments VPU Processor Board, # 2497303, # 2497305, Used, WARRANTY

General Electric 44B294220-002/3 Circuit Board, ADC71C, Used, WARRANTY

Landis Tool Company MTC 4 PC Board, Used, Warranty

Fanuc Operators Face, A02B-0073-C101, N860-3487-T020, A98L-0001-0482#M, USED

Charmilles Technologies PC Board, 854711, 813204 A, Used, WARRANTY

DF Control Circuit Board, # 6403 04 000 216 01, Used, WARRANTY

DF Control Circuit Board, # 6403 04 000 112 01, Used, WARRANTY

Fisher & Paykel State Processor Module, # 30011, PSC-3, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Operator Panel, A02B-0092-C146, A16B-2300-0110 / 02A Board, Used

Fanuc Power Supply Board, A20B-0003-0630 / 07A, Used, Warranty

Landis Ramp 1 Module Card, # A-86505, Used, WARRANTY

Landis Circuit Board, # A-86486, USED, WARRANTY

Fanuc Operator Panel, A02B-0098-C170 / BL w/ A16B-2300-0110 / 02A Board, Used

Ziatech Floppy Drive Interface Board, # ZT-8950-2, Revision A.4, Used, WARRANTY

(No Brand) Control Board, # 1578-0107, WARRANTY

DF Control Power Supply Circuit Board, # 6403 04 000 140 00, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Control Board, # A20B-0008-0300 / 01A, Fanuc Wire EDM, Used, WARRANTY

Hurco Diskette Set for BMC 20-50 VMC's, Ultimax 3 Version 1.0, 3 Disks, Used

Remex 112461-6 Reader Control Board, Rev U, 112463-3F, Used, Warranty

Daihatsu CNC Turning Center PC Memory Board, # PNCTL-G, WARRANTY

K & T / Gemini D Board # 1-21284-01, Revision 7 GT, Used, WARRANTY

Mitsubishi / Nemic-Lambda Power Supply LWT-3B/01, Used, WARRANTY

K & T / Gemini D I/O Motherboard Assy Board, # M.1018.1239, Used, WARRANTY

Fuji Electric Board, 2C-24N, Used, Warranty

Fanuc Add Axs Res. PC Board, A20B-0008-0470 / 06C, Used, WARRANTY

Modicon PC Board DNP II Axis, # 100-166, Used, WARRANTY

Indramat AC Servo Bleeder Drive, # TBM1.1-20-W1-115, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Board A20B-2902-0070/05C, Used, Warranty

Intel Circuit Board, PWA142722-004, Rev. C, PWB142723-001, Used, WARRANTY

Cincinnati Milacron Logic Board, # 3-531-4205A, Used, WARRANTY

Indramat AC Servo Bleeder Drive, # TBM 1.2-40-W1/115V, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PCB 10M/T Board Unit, # A16B-1210-0350, Used, WARRANTY

Landis Drive Module, # A135766, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Board, # A20B-2900-0672 / 01A, Used, WARRANTY

Yaskawa Yasnac DCP Unit, # JUSP-DCP60 B, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Board A20B-0008-0240 / 02-06C, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc PC Board A20B-0008-0240 / 02 11F, Used, WARRANTY

Okuma Opus 5000 II SVP Card II Board, # E4809-436-017-D, Used, WARRANTY

Cincinnati Milacron PC Board, # 3 531-3749A, 3-533-0098G, Used, WARRANTY

NEW Generic PC Board # 23097303, WARRANTY

Supermax / Yeong Chin Rebel CNC PC Board, # 503-E04-262M, Used, WARRANTY

SCI EPIC I/O PC Board, # 23709, Rev H, Used, Warranty

Charmilles Technologies PC Control Board, 851 4040 C / 8132270B, Used, WARRANTY

Fanuc Keyboard Unit, # A02B-0210-C120/MA, Used, WARRANTY

Indramat Digital AC Servo Drive Controller DSC 3.1-100-115V 15/1X0006-001 WARRAN

Fanuc A02B-0236-C120 / TBR MDI Unit Panel, Used, WARRANTY

Milltronics Partner I VMC / Digitran Keypad Board, KC0246-01 BD50, Used


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