All the HID Ballasts made in china use CPU programming controller ,Website:,the program is easy to copy ,so an engineer could make a CPU ballast in his living-room ,so that rapidly creating many hid makers in China,but a CPU controller can't monitoring the HID lamp (lamp power keep changing all the time ), and the operation flow is not smooth , then it causes many problems, so many customers always say that a HID system which is made in China is no good .and their one year warranty is difficult. but ours is not the one . Our First-rate manufactured digital HID Ballast with an on board ASIC chip is used to regulate the flow of electricity, while providing a high intensity beam that never fluctuates. The HID Ballast uses our famous internal igniter technology which is produced according to rigorous patent standards. We develop this chip set which is with fully functions of real-time lamp-monitoring and protection, throughout many tests and outstanding accomplishment so the quality of our ballast is surly good. To further enhance durability of the electronic control unit (ballast), each unit goes through an automated rubber mold injection cycle. This unique molding secures each delicately shaped part and secures inserts that are embedded in the ballast. The end result is our virtually indestructable HID Ballast that is both shockproof and waterproof. When properly installed, The life time of the HID Conversion Kit is up to 7 times that of a halogen system. Typically, the HID Ballast will outlast the HID lights. This allows you to simply replace the bulbs instead of the whole HID Conversion Kit in the event you either need new HID lights or desire a new Color Temperature. 


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