Vacuum Milk Making Machine

Basic Info.Model NO.:YZ-IFPackage:Wooden PakingSpecification:CETrademark:greatcityOrigin:ChinaEfficiency:10-12 Cow/HWorking Vacuum Degree:50kpaPulsation Frequency:60-64 Times/MinPulsation Ratio:55:45Matched Power:550W,220V/380VProduction Capacity:200Product Description                                                    Vacuum Milk Making Machinevacuum portable type milking machine is of low noise, simple structure, easy operation, stable working condition, high milking efficiency and milking alternately. This machine equipped with Imports pulsator and can milk gently, no hurt to the nipple. It is good for improve the milking capacity. The vacuum milking machine is designed according to national technical standard and has the advantages of reliable performance, large vacuum tank effective reserve, low noise, easy operation and so on. This kind of milking machine can work under the horizontal level, just push the machine beside the cow to do the milking. It can also be jointed to vacuum source and realize the pipeline milking work. This milking machine applies rotary-vane vacuum pump, belt drive, compact and reasonable structure, self-lubricating device, ensure trouble-free operation. The machine applies stainless steel vacuum tank to protect the milk spilling out in case of two milk bucket knocking. Milk be sucked into the vacuum tank through rubber hose, preventing milk be sucked into vacuum pump and cause accident. This kind of milking machine series can be divided into single pail and double pail type.Single pail type milking machine can milk one cow, while double pail type milking machine can milk two cow at the same time. Each cow need 5 to 6 minutes to milk(normal cow).Single pail type milking machine is suitable for cow group less than 15 cow, as double pail type is suitable for cow group about 20 to 30 cow. More than 30 cow advice using our bucket type milking machine.ModelYZ-IFMatched power220V/380V 50Hz,0.75KW(all copper core)Milk bucket capacity25LMilk bucket quantity1Milk bucket material304 stainless steelpulsatorImported gas pulsation                                                                                            


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