Polyurethane U Groove Rollers

Xitai supplies polyurethane u groove rollers for your material or pipe handling needs. Our factory carries a large range of polyurethane pipeline rollers and v groove rollers suitable for light, medium and heavy duty industrial applications. Our polyurethane coated rollers are widely used in the following conveying systems and feeding systems as:---Conveyer Rollers----Feed Rollers----Pulley Rollers----Flanged Rollers----Grooved Rollers----Nip Rollers----Pinch Rollers----Guide Rollers----Pipe Rollers----And Many More!When selecting a Polyurethane U or V groove roller or equipment roller, it’s important to consider the following factors to decide the dimensions and Shore Hardness:A, Roller Load WeightB, Roller SpeedC, Environmental Elements We look forward to meeting your needs with our experience, intelligence and promise! We guarantee quality from our samples to the final finished product. Xitai can manufacture your polyurethane pipe rollers to your precise designed specification. No need to look elsewhere; we can provide almost any type and size urethane coated rollers so you can stop searching. Our customers’ timelines and requirements are of the utmost importance to us. Xitai gives you the flexibility you need to keep you and your company productive.If you want to ask more information or send your drawings to check the cost about polyurethane coated rollers, such as v groove rollers, u grooved conveyor rollers, etc, please contact our sales manager:Ms. April XiaoShanghai Xitai International Trade Co., LtdNO. 518 Xinbo Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, 201606, ChinaEmail: april@shanghaixitai.comTEL: 86-21-57876015MBL: 86-15821445695WEB: www.polyurethane-wheel.com 


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