Turbocharger KP35 54359880005

Part NO.54359880005 Apply for Fiat/Opel LM turbos widely apply for Renault, VW, Toyota, Fiat/Opel, Nissan, Mitsubishi, ford, volvo, Scania, Mercedes, ... ... for cars and trucks, off high-way, Marine use. LMturbo factory as the OEM complete turbos manufacturer enjoy good reputation long time. We supply both OEM and after sale Market across the world. LMturbo give our distributors a full 12_month warranty, high quality, competitive price. Pls feel free to contact with LMturbo expert closed to you.


至: 沈阳市黎明增压器制造有限公司
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Turbocharger KP35 54359880005
LMturbo GT1749V 717478-0001
涡轮增压器KP35 沈阳市黎明增压器制造有限公司是涡轮增压器的专业生产企业,注册商标为黎明牌,产品已通过ISO9001:2000质量体系认证,拥有自营出口权。 现生产十一个系列246个品种的车用及工程机械用增压器,为天津动力机厂、大连北方柴油机厂、湖南柴油机厂、贵阳柴油机厂、广西桂林柴油机厂、广东江门柴油机厂、...
涡轮增压器K03 53039880052
涡轮增压器K03 53039880052

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