LMturbo GT1749V 717478-0001

Part NO.717478-0001 LMturbo factory is OEM turbocharger and turbo parts(shaft, CHRA, compressor, bearing) manufacturer for china engine factory, with over with over of 20 years rich experience, Lmturbo logo SLZ is famous in China, enjoy good reputation from customers both in home and abroad. LMturbo currently complete turbos widely apply for Renault, Opel/ford, toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Cummins.from Erupean Cars and Bus, heavy duty, to Generator and Marine. Lmturbo do both original OEM and aftermarket order. LMturbo export to Europe, Middle east, Africa, south America, We own full strong tech capability to develop special design turobs to serve customer very well.


至: 沈阳市黎明增压器制造有限公司
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LMturbo GT1749V 717478-0001
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