4702 Powder Coat Brake Shoe

Hangzhou Zhengli Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 4702 powder coat brake shoe manufacturers,Website:http://www.hzzlauto.com, welcome to wholesale low price 4702 powder coat brake shoe made in China from our factory.Specifications1.Top quality product 2.Good price for customer 3.The customer is supreme, quality first4702 Brake Shoe   Product description:When the brakes are applied, the brake shoes are forced against the inside of the brake drum, which causes the brake drumto begin slowing down. This is what slows down and stops your vehicle.Symptoms of Wear or FailureSqueaking or grinding noise while brakingVehicle pulls to one side while brakingRelated Repair AdviceBrake shoes wear out over time and should be inspected periodicallyBrake shoes can be damaged by defective brake drums and/or leaking wheel cylindersWe recommend resurfacing the brake drums when the brake shoes are replacedBrake repairs are commonly offered at promotional prices that may be lower than the Repair Price Estimate. Make sureyou understand exactly which services are included/excluded in the advertised price.Our advantage:Our are high quality with competitive price. We have developed More than thousands of kinds of items. Our Brake Shoe are used TOYOTA,HONDA,NISSAN,MITSUBISHI,BMW,VOLKSWAGEN,OPEL,PEUGEOT,RENAULT,GM,DAWOO,HYUNDAI,FORD,AUDI,MAZDA,etc.


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