4702 Ceramic Brake Lining

Hangzhou Zhengli Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 4702 ceramic brake lining manufacturers,Website:http://www.hzzlauto.com, welcome to wholesale low price 4702 ceramic brake lining made in China from our factory.4702 BRAKE LINING     Size: 18.9/16 18.1/11.4 102mm 16rivetsWe can now provide the non-asbestos ,ceramic , non-metallic ,and they are good in many features ,such as stable brake ,no noise low price and long service life . Price&Quantity:Competitive price,we make discount on large quantity and accept small quantity.Quality:Quality insurance( Assembly line production, high standard and strict inspection requirements,safe and reliable.)Delivery time:Short delivery time,if we have products in stock ,we can send within 7days.None stock,we delivery within 45days after deposit.Material:Asbestos free,non-metallic , ceramicUsing life:Non asbestos:70000 to 80000 kilometersNon metallic:70000 to 80000 kilometersCeramic:100000 kilometers upTypes:Available for 1,000 vehicle typesPacking:plastic bag and individual box 


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