UL2272 Hoverboard 2 Wheels Scooter Self Balancing Scooter 6.5 Inch Skywalker Hover Skateboard

Shenzhen Imuse Technology Limited is one of the leading ul2272 hoverboard 2 wheels scooter self balancing scooter 6.5 inch skywalker hover skateboard manufacturers in China. We can supply you with ul2272 hoverboard 2 wheels scooter self balancing scooter 6.5 inch skywalker hover skateboard quotation, welcome to wholesale or buy products from our factory.UL2272 hoverboard 2 wheels scooter Self balancing scooter 6.5 inch skywalker hover skateboard                      Product Specifications:NameParametersBatteryLithium-ion battery 36V 4.4AhCharging Time2 - 3 HoursRating Output Voltage/Current42V-2AStorage temperature0°C-50°CWorking Temperature0°C-40°CCharging Temperature0°C-40°CMax climbing angles15°Min turning radius0°Tire size6.5inchTire typeSolid rubber tiresMotor power250W*2Packing size64*25*25cmPackage Included1 x Two wheels hover board      1 x Power supply charger      1 x ManualFOR AGES 13 YEARS AND OLDERThe balance scooter is only for users who are aged 13 year older. This device requires mature coordination, agility, and balance. Use your best judgment to determine if an individual is adequately physically fit and coordinated to use the balance scooter safely.MAX WEIGHT: 100kgs (220lbs)Do not exceed the maximum weight when operating the balance scooter as this could lead to damage or failure of the device and may result in personal injury. Do not carry items when operating the balance scooter.MIN WEIGHT: 20kgs (45lbs)The balance scooter is not to be used by individuals weighing less than 20kgs. The balance scooter sensors are designed for individuals weighing 20kgs or more, these sensors may respond incorrectly to individuals weighing less than 20kgs which can result in serious personal injury.SPEED LIMITSThe maximum speed of the balance scooter is approximately 10 kilometers per hour, or 6 miles per hour.When driving over the maximum allowable speed, the device may emit a warning alarm.CLOTHING & FOOTWEARWear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes with a closed toe. Do not wear open toe shoes, sandals, or high-heel shoes when operating the balance scooter. Do not wear loose fitting clothing as this may snag on passing objects.SERVICEFor service, contact support at: sales@sz2wheels.com 


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