Drop Center Rear Axle

Drop Center Rear Axle
Model CH132
Nominal Load(Kg) 13000
Wheel Tread(mm) 1840
Max. Troque Output (N.m) 50000
Housing Spec.(mm*mm) 170*140
Ratio 6.222/5.165
Disc Brake Spec 22.5"
Axle Weight(Kg) 920
Matching Model 12~25M Bus

CH132 Performance Features

1.Carrier Assembly offsetted, Down Gear Box besides Wheel, enables One-Step-On of afterbody of Large Sized Buses.
2.Joint Developed with S&T Dynamics Co., Ltd., Korea, secures Reliability and Low Noise.
3.High Drive Efficiency, Low Weight, Economic Fuel Consumption.
4.Wide Range of Ratio, Optional Ratio according to different demand.
5.Air Suspension Designation improving Comfortableness.
6.22.5" Disc Brake ensures reliability and stability of brake system.
7.Most domestic Suspension Structures matchable.
8.Standard ABS enhanced Vehicle Stabilization and Controllability.
9.A Good Alternative, Same Installation Dimension with similar import products.


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