Most soil nail wall construction follows a specific procedure

With the design complete, construction is the next step. Most soil nail wall  construction follows a specific procedure.
One great advantage of soil nail walls is their cost-effectiveness over other alternatives. When conventional  soil nailing construction
procedures are used, soil nail walls are much more economical than concrete gravity walls and similarly or more cost effective than ground
anchor walls.Here introcuce the construction of a soil nail wall.
Inspection activities play a vital role in the production of high-quality soil nail walls because conformance to project plans and
specifications should result in a soil nail wall that will perform its intended duty for its designed duration.
Sinorock is one of the largest soil nail supplier in the world building over 4 a year.Sinorock has an outstanding reputation in their field
providing a high level of technology, quality, service and value.Sinorock play a very active role in insuring the satisfaction of our
customers.Sinorock controls all aspects of our product integrity including soil nail design, soil nail building, quality control, research &
development, sales and administration.
The implementation of Sinorock’s soil nail wall structures typically involves three stages that are repeated until the desired height of the
retaining wall is achieved:

The first stage is the excavation of the cut from the top down to a predetermined height.
Next, the steel nails, carrying tension, are drilled and grouted into the face at depths and spacings designed to insure that the soil acts
as a coherent mass.
Finally, the face is reinforced with shotcrete.

For more information on Sinorock’s expertise in the use of soil nail walls or any other specialty techniques, please visit our Soil Nail
Walls project case study, visit our websit: or contact us today.


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