800W 60V20AH Powerful Fitness Lead-acid Battery Electric Sport Motorcycles

Songi Electric Bicycle Co,Website:http://www.pedelac.net,.Ltd is one of the leading China 800w 60v20ah powerful fitness lead-acid battery electric sport motorcycles manufacturers and suppliers in Asia, welcome to import or wholesale exporting fitness electric motorcycles, powerful electric sport motorcycles, electric sport motorcycles, 60v20ah electric sport motorcycles, 800w electric motorcycles products from our factory and company. padelac lead acid battery electric motorcycles Advocating low-carbon green healthy lifestyle Series:FreeRider Model: TDR-357Z Lead acid battery:60V/20Ah Motor power:800W Main specifications: Bicycle Size:1750 X 730 X 1130mm Package Size:1700 X 570 X 1060mm Weight (w/o batteries): 63.7kg Weight (w/ batteries): 98.7kg Load capacity: 75kg Max speed: 40km/h Range per charge: >60km Mechanical specifications: Motor max RPM (no load): 550±10r/min Front and rear wheel center distance: 1280mm Rim (front/rear): F 10”x2.5”/R 10”x2.5” Wheel (front/rear): F 10”x3.0” /R 10”x3.0” Brake (front/rear): F disc brake/R drum brake Brake levers (front/rear): F hydraulic pressure disc brake lever/R hand brake lever with cable  Electronic specifications: Motor: 60V/ 800W Batteries: 60V/ 20Ah Controller: 60V/ 33A Recharger: 60V/ 3A Over-current protection: 33A ±1A Under-voltage protection: 52V ±1V As the dedicated, professional electric bicycle manufacturer, we only provide durable, high-quality and favorable price products for customers Basic characteristic: Automatic double flash Automatic double flash danger alarm, inform Car drivers pay attention to safety, prevent collision. Automatic repair Voice prompt without operation, robotics lower speed switch, Without a stop, turn the adjusting speed easily. Automatic hybrid The robot technology instead of human operation, don't have to set up and operation key, worry. Automatic switching:  energy-saving gear/climbing gear, hard start/soft start.


至: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
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卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD