Sell MaxiTrip TP100

Pphitop is on 4 in one automotive computer: MaxiTrip TP100.


MaxiTrip TP100, 4-in-one automotive computer is exactly what is needed for real-time engine monitoring, failure prevention and trip tracking. The compact and intelligent gadget includes 4 most useful mode: trip computer, digital gauges, scan tool and vehicle black box. Works on all 1996 and new OBDII compliant vehicles: Gas /Diese /Hybrid /LPG.


Ideal for:
1. Auto enthusiasts, hobbyists and DIYers
2. Drivers who care for engine performance and fuel economy
3. Parents of young drivers
4. Business owners


1. MaxiTrip TP100 tool
2. OBD II cable
3. USB cable
4. User manual
5. CD software


至: 飞普天科技香港有限公司
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