car body repair bench TG-600


  1. Unilateral tilting hydraulic lifting platform makes the accidental vehicle loaded and unloaded more convenient.
  2. material is flat plate, high intensity, no work blind spot,quick stretching.
  3. The working radius of pulling towers is 360°. Easy operation.
  4. Streamline clamps can fasten almost all various damaged vehicles.
  5. High-precision measurement system can be easily used to perform the dimension measurement on the car, control body size and the same as the original car.
  6. The auto body data is from Mitchell company, which always keep data updating.
  7. Powerfull pump with long working time and easy maintenance.
  8.  Perfect after sales service guarantees customers’ satisfaction.


Bench length:-----------------------------5200 mm / 5600mm

Bench width:------------------------------2100mm

Working height:----------------------------520mm

Post Max.pulling tension:----------------95KN (10tons)

Pneumatic pressure range:-------------0.8MPa

Post working range:-----------------------360°

Total weight:-------------------------------2500kg


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