Bridge Type Multi Blades Stone Block Cutting Machine With 4 Pillars

1.Description: DTQZ-2200-4D bridge type multi-blades stone cutter with 4 lead pillars .Working principle: The machine blades moving in left and right direction along with beam is controlled by variable-frequency drive (VFD) and the speed will be adjusted depend on the hardness of the stone. The lifter moving of blades in up and down direction is 4 pillars moving which driven by oil hydraulic pressure cylinder (or by lead screw).The lead pillar is made of high quality solid round steel plated with hard chromium,Website:, and the diameter of one pillar reach 180mm, with automatic lubricating. The  anti-wear oil seal sleeve adopts DUPONT PTFE from America. It be rolled in round pit to store the oil so that the machine can go on work in shortage oil supply or no oil supply. It has low friction factor ,excellent performance in abrasion and long working life . The front and rear moving of blades is driven by  high-precision lead screw on the two sides beam. Some key parts comprise of imported accessories with high quality. So the blocks can be put on the ground to cut to save the working table and its maintaining fee. Hence, the stone cutter is featured with high efficiency, high accuracy of blades moving, high stable , easy operating, the processing slab is high flatness products. The machine is suitable for cutting high value granite, marble and other block materials.2.Main parts: a.Bearing from Harbin in Chinab."Scheider" DC power supply switch from Frenchc."OMRON" coder from Japand. electromagnetic valve from Taiwane.Oil seal sleeve of DUPONT PTFE from Americaf.TECHFULL motor from China3.Parameter: A.DTQZ-2200-4DMax processing size(L*W)3500*2200mmDiameter of blades2200mmMax lifting stroke1400mmMain motor power37 KwTotal power47 KwWater consumption15 m³/hOverall size(L**H)7300*4500*6800mmGross weight11000KGB.DTQZ-2600-4DMax processing size(L*W)3500*2200mmMax diameter of blades2600mmMax lifting stoke1400mmMain motor power45 KwTotal power55 KwWater consumption15 m³/hOverall dimension(L*W*H)7500*4500*6800mmGross weight12000KGC.DTQZ-2800-4DMax processing size(L*W)3600*2200mmMax diameter of blades2800mmMax lifting stoke1400mmMain motor power55 KwTotal power65 KwWater consumption15 m³/hOverall dimension(L*W*H)8000*4500*6800mmGross weight12500KGD.DTQZ-3000-4D4. Video


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